2016 Missouri Century Farm Program

If your farm has been in your family since December 31, 1916, you can apply to have it recognized as a Missouri Century Farm. To qualify, farms must meet the following guidelines. The same family must have owned the farm for 100 consecutive years. The line of ownership from the original settler or buyer may be through children, grandchildren, siblings, and nephew or nieces, including through marriage or adoption. The farm must be at least 40 acres of the original land acquisition and make a financial contribution to the overall farm income.

Applicants certified as owners of a 2016 Missouri Century Farm located in Boone County will be recognized by the Boone County MU Extension center.Historical accounts and pictures, if provided by the applicant, will be shared at the recognition program. These materials will be returned to the applicants or can be requested to be passed along to the Boone County Historical Society.

Since Missouri began the program in 1976, more than 8,000 century farms have been recognized.

For applications received by May 1st, a $65 fee covers the cost of a certificate, farm sign and booklet for approved applicants. If the application is received between May 1st and May 16th, the cost is $75. Applications must be postmarked by May 16, 2016, to be considered.

Missouri Farm Bureau is continuing as a program sponsor and providing support for the cost of the first sign and personalization.  Applicants will receive one certificate and one two-sided, 2-foot x 2-foot metal Century Farm sign (with MU and Missouri Farm Bureau logos and optional personalization) which is included in the application fee. If applicants wish to purchase additional certificates and signs, they should refer to the order form on the application for instructions.

You may download the application until May 15 at There is a news release that you may send to your local paper posted at

For additional information, call Extension Publications toll-free at 1-800-292-0969, contact the Boone County MU Extension office at 1-573-445-9792, or visit the program website at


Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Farmers and ranchers who need to use "restricted use" pesticides in their operations need to have a license to purchase those products.  The Boone County Extension Center offers you the opportunity to obtain or renew your private pesticide applicator license for only $12.  To schedule your training, please contact us at (573) 445-9792 or email us at


Help Protect Hinkson Creek

Reducing air and water pollution due to reactive nitrogen and other nutrients requires voluntary adoption of new practices and technologies. A variety of best management practices (BMPs) already exist for both agricultural producers and homeowners. To learn more about implementing these BMPs, go to Help Protect Hickson Creek.


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