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Current Weekly Crop Scouting Report

April 25 


Flag Leaf Emerging, Monitor Wheat for Foliar Disease


LAMAR, Mo. –Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension, scouted fields south of Jasper April 25. She observed wheat at flag leaf emergence, and emerging to 2-leaf corn.




Scheidt did not observe foliar diseases, but notes stripe rust has been reported in Jasper Co and a couple counties in Kansas. “If you have diseases, monitor them closely and if they begin to move up the plant, consider a fungicide to protect the flag leaf as it accounts for 75% of grain fill. Remember a foliar fungicide made during flag leaf will not protect against head scab. Make fusarium head scab applications during flowering if warm, humid conditions are present,” said Scheidt.


Scheidt observed bird cherry oat aphids in all fields. “Thick, lush fields had higher populations of 20 or more bird cherry oat aphids per foot of row. Consider an insecticide when densities reach 12-25 bird cherry oat aphids per foot of row. To differentiate bird cherry oat aphids, look for dark, olive green colored aphids with a red band near their rear,” said Scheidt.


Winter grain mite update: Winter grain mites are an uncommon pest in Missouri. Look for small black mites, with reddish orange legs near the base of plants. Positively identify them using a hand lens to locate the anal pore that looks like a water droplet on their back. They normally occur during dry conditions in continuous wheat and undisturbed ground. “Generally, wheat can outgrow winter grain mite feeding, especially if adequate moisture is present. If they are present at high levels, watch for signs of damage, such as a silver cast to fields or burnt leaf tips as an indicator to control the mites,” said Scheidt.




“Now is the time to watch for black cutworm,” said Scheidt. Late planted corn is more susceptible to damage, especially if conditions are cool, wet and plant growth is slow. Look for plants cut off at or just below the soil level. “All the corn looked healthy, but dig up young corn plants and inspect the lower stem and roots for discoloration and soft stems resulting from seedling rots,” said Scheidt. Cool, moist conditions are conducive to seedling rots.


For more information about the program, or to sign up for the program, contact Jill Scheidt at the Barton County Extension office, (417) 682-3579

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