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Crop Scouting Report - June 12, 2019

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Hello, this is Jill Scheidt, MU Extension agronomy specialist, with your June 19 crop update.

Fields scouted north of Lamar.



Corn was in the emerging and 9-12 leaf stages.

Scout for black cutworm until the 5 leaf stage. Black cutworm have multiple generations and moth captures are still occurring in Missouri.

A little common rust was on the bigger corn; I am sending it to the lab to make sure it is not southern rust and will update next week. Common rust is not of economic concern, but southern rust can cause significant yield damage.

Due to excessive rainfall, Southwest Missouri soils are a “problem area” for nitrogen loss. Most fields have substantial yield loss if no nitrogen has been applied since pre-plant. Rescue N applications are likely to be profitable until tasseling or later in fields with deficiency symptoms; focus on areas or fields with the most yellowing to see the greatest results.

Create an account at to view current aerial imagery of your field.

Visit the 2019 MU Nitrogen Watch for more information on N loss:



Soybeans were in the 1st trifoliate stage.

A little insect feeding was seen, but not significant damage.

Average yield for soybean planted now is at least 25% less than soybeans planted in early May. The main reason for reduced yield potential is less hours of sunlight during seed fill stages. To compensate for less sunlight, plant narrow rows; increase seeding rate to shoot for 150,000 plants/acre; wait until soil is dry enough to plant to decrease compaction; and use seed treatments. Do not change maturity group unless planting is delayed into July as early maturing varieties are not adapted to these locations and less likely to produce enough nodes and leaf area to compensate.


Visit the MU Extension flood resource site for information on crop and pasture conditions.


I have returned from maternity leave and am now back in the office. Call 417-682-3579 for more information, thank you.        


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