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4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. 4-H is young people making new friends and memories while preparing to be leaders of today and tomorrow. We are a volunteer-led organization that reaches boys and girls through small groups called clubs. 4-H members choose from over 40 projects in which to participate. Most projects use hands-on learning experiences to teach subject matter and life-skills such as cooperation, leadership and decision making — skills that can be applied over and over for a lifetime. Contact our office at 636-456-3444 to learn how to join 4-H. Clover Kid groups for 5 to 7 year olds will be forming soon.

4-H newsletters

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2016 Annual Report is now available.

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April Garden To-Do List

Prepare to Prune. Cut back butterfly bushes to six inches above soil line. Hint - branches of butterfly
bushes make excellent plant supports or row markers.
Cover Up Bald Spots. Rake debris from the lawn, over seed any bare spots or thin areas.
Support Your Plants. Place growth supports next to top-heavy plants such as peonies and dahlias.
Move Over Mulch. Remove winter mulches from plants and strawberries as temperatures rise, but keep it
close by in case of late frost.
Oil Check. Spray shrubs with dormant oil spray to control insects and scale that survived the winter.
Happy Arbor Day. Plant a tree or better yet get some kids involved and plant a tree at a school or park
Shake Up Your Compost. Give your compost pile a good mixing.
Use Lint. Place clothes dryer lint and short pieces of string on trees and shrubs to aid birds in their nest
Don't Forget to Deadhead. Deadhead spring flowering bulbs as blooms fade. Leave foliage until it turns
yellow or brown.
Cool Crucifers. Continue to plant cool season crops such as cabbage, collards, chard, carrots, broccoli
and lettuce.
Fertilize Organically. Fertilize woody ornamentals with a good organic fertilizer.
Prune Grapes. Prune grapevines; remove dead or weakened vines as necessary. Repair arbors or other
supports as needed.
Plant Bare Root Roses. When planting, place a handful of bone meal in the hole. Mound the soil up
around the plant to one inch of the top. Remove the soil as new growth appears. In addition to roses,
onion sets, lettuce and spinach may be directly seeded into the garden during April.


Services Available

At Warren County Extension Office

  • Meeting room rental
  • Canner gauge tests
  • Soil testing
  • Plant and insect identification
  • Private pesticide applicator training
  • Publications
  • Distance education test proctoring?

For more information please click here.

Missouri Farm Family Recognized

Darrell and Joyce Dothage and family of Warrenton were among the families honored during the Missouri Farm Family Day, Aug. 15 at the Missouri State Fair. The Dothage Family was selected as the Warren County Missouri Farm Family by the Warren County Extension Council and local Farm Bureau. The family includes Darrell,Joyce, Danny Dothage (grandson) and Donna Sherman (daughter). Each year, the fair sets aside a day to recognize farm families from across the state who are active in their communities, involved in agriculture and participate in local outreach and extension programs such as 4-H or FFA.

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