1st Annual Sullivan County Agriculture Tour And Dinner

The 1st Annual Agriculture Tour and Dinner wasbe held on Tuesday, July 29th, and it was a huge success!  Many thanks to all the sponsors and the farm tours were a huge sucess. 

Swine Biosecurity

This is an important issue especially with upcoming fairs and shows.  The document has many suggestions and ideas to to be aware of! Animals that are commingled at an exhibition, sale or another event pose a risk for spreading disease. Organizers and advisors scheduling commingled pig events should assess each situation and the associated risks to pig health. The recommendations listed may be applied to all swine commingling events at centralized locations and to other pigs that are physically on the premises. Before your event, have a plan in place to manage pigs from many different locations and to handle sick pigs properly. This planning will help reduce the chance of disease spread.


Pesticide Applicator Training

Do you need your pesticide applicator license?  More and more pesticides are becoming restricted each year.  For dates or if you have questions please call the Sullivan County Extension Center at 660-265-4541.   It takes approximately 3 hours to watch the CD...classes are held yearly, usually in late January and February. You will need to purchase the book for $12 and your license is good for 5 years.  Don’t guess; soil tests save time, money.

Soil testing is the best guide to the wise and efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments, said Manjula Nathan, director of the University of Missouri Extension Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Services. Whether you grow acres of row crops or have a vegetable patch in the backyard, a soil test will provide you with an analysis of nutrients and a set of recommendations for any improvements. “We frequently get questions from customers like, ‘I apply fertilizer every year. How come my plants are not doing well?’” Nathan said. “Most of the time the problem is they never have done a soil test, but have been guessing on fertilizer requirements,” she said. “They do not realize that by guessing they are wasting money by over- or underapplication, and the excess fertilizer can end up in streams, ponds and underground water, polluting the environment. ”Soil testing can be done through the extension office. The cost is $15 per sample. Soil testing publications


2014 Red Book Ordered In Sullivan County

The popular Red Book for beef cattle and pasture management is now available. The Red Book is an accepted method of record keeping by the National Cattle and Beef Association. In addition, the book provides information on scoring cattle, gestation and Beef Quality Assurance National Guidelines. The supply is limited. Call the Sullivan County Extension Center to receive your Red Book for 2014 at 660-265-4541 or send an email to: sullivanco@missouri.edu. The cost is $5 per book.