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MU Extension is the University of Missouri’s classroom in Randolph County. We connect people to research-based education to enrich the quality of life and enhance the economic well-being of our communities. MU Extension in Randolph County is your one-stop source for practical education and information on almost anything.

MU Extension partners with the Randolph County Commission and other local organizations to provide education, information and services that meet people’s needs. The elected and appointed members of the Randolph County Extension Council provide guidance in identifying those needs to ensure that our educational programs are relevant, reliable and responsive. 4-H, Excel, Master Gardeners, and FCE all work with Extension.

Whether it’s resources for yourself or your family, farm, business or community, we invite you to explore our website, call or email to learn how we can help you.

2015 Randolph County Fair

The date has been set! The 2015 Randolph County Fair will be held July 20-25. We will have a rodeo again this year on June 5th and 6th. Show dates are tentative and show bills may change slightly but you can check them our for a general idea. Please check back often for updates. The Fair Board meets the first Thursday of each month, 7:30 pm at the James Youth Cabin in Rothwell Park. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

2015 Regional Grazing Schools

2014 Annual Report

2014 annual report.doc

Ag Connection Newsletter

April 2015

Garden Tips for April

To get the most out of your garden, here are a few tips to help you get started this spring. Available in (DOCX) format.

Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner

Fruit plantings can be a source of beauty as well as fresh produce. However, for the inexperienced grower, they also can be a source of frustration and expense. Nursery catalogs are full of brightly colored advertisements depicting bountiful harvests of unblemished fruit. Harvests like these are possible, but only with careful selection of the fruit cultivar (cultivated variety) and diligent pest management. Weather conditions in Missouri , such as high humidity, abundant rainfall and warm temperatures, increase disease and insect populations. With few exceptions, home fruit plantings require treatment with pesticides to control a variety of serious diseases and insect pests. Pesticides needed and frequency of application depend on the cultivars planted, location of the planting, weather conditions and cultural practices.

6th Annual Plant Sale

Friday, May 1 from  4pm - 7pm and Saturday, May 2 from 9am - 1pm at the James Youth Center, 220 Rothwell Park Rd. Come visit us as we share our bounty! We sell and talk plants. Sponsored by Magic City Master Gardeners. For more information please contact us at 660-269-9656.  A flier is available to print. (PDF)

Missouri 4-H 5th Annual Film Fest

The Early Bird Special for All Access Passes expires on April 15th. Films will be accepted through May 15th.

4-H Small Animal Show Clinic - Saturday, May 16th

Sullivan County Extension will be hosting a Small Animal Show Clinic on Saturday, May 16th, 10:00 am in Green City, MO.  This clinic will mirror the one we do for the large animals but is for poultry, rabbits and dogs.  Lunch will be provided, and we will also be having a Rally Class demonstration for any interested dog project members.  There is a $10 registration fee for youth, and we are asking adults to pay $5 each, if they plan to stay and eat lunch with us.  Pre-registration is preferred but not required. A (PDF) flier is available to view and print.

2015 Management Intensive Grazing School

June 5-6, 2015, Schuyler County Nutrition Site, NW Corner of Square, Lancaster, Missouri. For More Information Contact: Darla Cambpell 660-457-3469 E-mail or Dee Vanderburg 660-263-5702.


Presented by the Gasconade County Swine Team, Saturday, June 13th, 2015 at the Gasconade County Fairgrounds in Owensville, MO. For prize, show, and rules information, a (PDF) is available to view and print. For more information, contact: Virginia Buschmeyer at 573-437-2165.


Calling all High School Students interested in an Art and Science Summer Camp July 12-16, 2015

Sponsored by: MU Extension Community Arts Program (CAP), MU's Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center and 4-H Center for Youth Developments. CAP is offering one full residential camp scholarship ( a $500 value) for a Missouri high school student. See attached flyer for details. (PDF)

Preserving food from the garden

Food preservation is more than just canning. It includes freezing and drying. Many fruits are commonly frozen for easy access far beyond the productive period of the plant. Click here to view many different publications on food preserving. Food preservation publications

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a bacterial disease affecting apple, crabapple, pear, hawthorn, pyracantha (firethorn) and related species. The bacteria commonly overwinter in cankers (sunken diseased areas) on the tree, which produce a sticky exudate in early spring.The bac­teria are usually spread from the cankers by insects and by wind-blown rain. Careless pruning practices may also spread the bacteria. Click here to learn what you can do to stop this disease.

Missouri Century Farm Program

If your farm has been in your family since Dec.31,1915, you can apply to have it recognized as a Missouri Century Farm. To qualify, farms must meet certain guidelines. Get those guidelines and more information at


Get Your Soil Tested by the University of Missouri Extension

Why should you have your soil tested?

  • Soil conditions have a big effect on plant health
  • pH and nutrient levels can change over time
  • You may be over-fertilizing your lawn or garden
  • Testing is the only way to tell which nutrients might be missing

For more information please contact our office at 660-269-9656


Journal Your Garden

The most challenging aspect of successful gardening just might be the difficulty recalling what worked and what didn't from year to year. Many gardeners believe the keys to successful gardening are getting your plans on paper first and keeping good records. MU Extension publication MP928, From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar, gives you an easy way to record your garden plans, observations and ideas.

Written by MU Extension horticulture specialists who teach Master Gardeners, this publication brings you reliable and relevant information. It also includes year-round resources to guide gardeners at all experience levels.

Order today at http;//

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

Are your Ash trees dying? A small green beetle could be the culprit. The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle is a small metallic green beetle, 1/2 inch long. It is native to Asia and attacks only ash trees. The beetles leave small, D-shaped holes on the trunk. The larvae feed under bark, cutting off the flow of water and nutrients to the tree. They travel in infested firewood and nursery stock. If you believe your Ash Tree is infested with the EAB, call a certified arborist or forester for help. Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation Web site for tips on how to hire a qualified professional in your area. For more information about EAB and other tree pests, visit the following cooperative Web site: