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Vegetable Planting Calendar

Lewis W. Jett
State Vegetable Specialist, Department of Horticulture

This will answer your planting questions for vegetables in Missouri.

What variety should I plant?

The varieties listed below represent the "cream of the crop." They do not include all of the good ones. In selecting varieties, we primarily consider yield, quality and disease resistance as experienced under Missouri conditions.

When should I plant?

This depends on where you live. Find your county on the map at the bottom of each vegetable's page. Note which planting region you are in. On the page's table, use the dates given for your region. If you live in the Ozark plateau area, note that you use "north" planting dates. This is because the higher elevation in your area brings later spring and earlier fall frosts.Some vegetables may be planted for a fall crop. When this is possible, a second set of dates is listed under the dates for spring planting.

What is the nutritional value of vegetables?

Vegetables are primary sources of vitamins A and C. They also are good sources of other vitamins and minerals. In addition, they provide important bulk to our diets.

The figures for vitamin content of vegetables in this guide were taken from USDA Handbook 8, Composition of Foods. Figures indicate amounts of vitamins per 100 gram sample (about 1/5 pound) for cooked vegetables unless vegetable is normally eaten raw. The average active adult needs about 5,000 international units (I.U.) of vitamin A and 75 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C daily.


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