4-H Youth Program Associate

University of Missouri Extension is hiring a 4-H Youth Program Associate for McDonald and Newton counties.  This 32 hour a week position will serve as the day to day face of 4-H in McDonald county and assist with 4-H programming in Newton county and in the Southwest region of the state.  Full position description and application instructions can be found at: 


Questions can be addressed to Mike Coffey 4-H Youth Specialist at 417-455-9500.  Do not bring resumes and applications to the office since this is an online application process.


ATTN: Newton County Fair participants! 

If you received a check from the Newton County A&M Society, please cash your check as soon as possible! Thank you!


94th Lawrence County Soils and Crops Conference Scheduled for January 4

More Information Here (PDF)


KOMA Beef Cattle Conference
January 16, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.
Springfield Livestock Marketing Center
6821 West Independence Drive Springfield, MO 65802

More Information Here (PDF)



Scholarship Information Here (PDF)



FLOOD AND DISASTER INFORMATION from the University of Missouri Extension can be accessed by the following link:

Emergencies and Disasters - Floods 

Resources for Your Flooded Home (PDF)


Call Master Gardener Hotline Direct for 

Solutions to Lawn, Gardening or Insect Problems

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — If you have a lawn or gardening problem, who are you going to call for unbiased, research-based solutions? Trained volunteers that are working the Master Gardeners of Greene County Hotline that is who.

These volunteers have answers to most home gardening questions.

Master Gardener volunteers staff the hotline from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, from March through October.

The hotline can be reached directly by telephone at 417- 874-2963 or by email at hotline@mggreene.org.

Visitors are always welcome to come in personally to the Hotline Room located in the west end of the Springfield Botanical Center at 2400 S. Scenic Avenue in Springfield.

Clients who come in person can visit face-to-face with master gardeners and can bring in a sample of the problem for better diagnosis.

In 2016, Extension-trained Master Gardeners provided about 22,000 hours of volunteer horticulture services in Greene County. Master Gardeners provide educational programs, work in demonstration gardens, answer horticulture questions from members of the public and assist with various other community projects.


Soil Testing

Whether you are planting a garden, an orchard or thinking of hay and pasture, a soil test can help you know what you will need to amend your soil for the best results possible. Call our office for more information at 417-455-9500. Effective January 1, 2018, the cost is $23 per sample.

Soil testing provides an estimate of the plant-available nutrients in the soil and is an essential tool for a sound fertilization program. Periodic soil testing will help to correct nutrient deficiencies, avoid excess fertilizer applications and maintain a healthy lawn, garden or cropland.
related information: Lawn and garden

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Southwest Region Expert Guide

A reference guide to the expertise of University of Missouri Extension specialists in Southwest Missouri: 2011 Expert Guide (PDF).

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