Newton County Extension Council Member Election

Online voting will be available next week.  This ballot may be copied and mailed.


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University of Missouri Extension Council
Newton County 2015
Election ends Friday, January 23, 2015

Missouri state statutes create county extension councils to work with University of Missouri Extension. The publicly elected (and appointed) council members assist in planning and carrying out extension programs in their county, providing local extension governance and representing the diversity of the county’s changing population. University of Missouri Extension offers educational programs addressing high-priority areas like agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, consumer and family economics, business and industry, community development and youth development (4-H).

The Newton County Extension Council is comprised of elected and appointed citizens who guide local MU Extension educational programming. Newton County council members: (1) work with regional specialists to provide the county educational programs, (2) manage finances of local extension operations, (3) provide personnel to carry out extension activities, and (4) elect and organize the local extension council.

For any questions you may have about the election process, contact the Newton County Extension Center at 417-455-9500 or by email at

District name: District I

District description: District I - North half of Newton County

District boundaries: All residents north of the line formed by Iris Road to Granby, and Route 60 to the East County line.

You may vote for a maximum of 4 candidates.

Ted Dana
Roger Henady
Sherry McBride
Tracy White

District name: District II

District description: District II - South half of Newton County

District boundaries: All residents south of the line formed by Iris Road to Granby, and Route 60 to the East County line.

You may vote for a maximum of 4 candidates.

Elizabeth Anthon
Joi Chupp
Jami Hembree
Dale Kunkel
Stan Marion
Gary Pearman

I certify that I am an eligible voter of Newton; that I am 18 years or older; and that I personally voted the enclosed ballot.





Anyone 18 years of age and older and a Newton County resident may vote.
Vote only for candidates living in your district.
Additional paper ballots may be obtained at the Newton County MU Extension Center.
All ballots must be postmarked by midnight January 23, 2015 or returned to the Newton County MU Extension Center by 4:30 p.m. on that date. The ballot box in the Newton County MU Extension Center will close for walk-in voters at 4:30 on January 23, 2015.
Ballot may be emailed to, but it must be received by the deadline date and time.
On-line voting is available.

This ballot is provided for county extension council elections. All names and districts provided are the responsibility of the county extension council according to Missouri Revised Statutes sections 262.563 to 262.583. University of Missouri Extension is providing support for county council elections; direct all inquiries to the county extension council of the county where you reside.

University of Missouri Extension is an equal opportunity/ADA institution




Newton County Fair Steer Weigh-In

The steer weigh-in for the Newton County Fair will be held on February 7 from 9-11 am at the Crowder Ag facility



Classes to Live By

Tuesday Night Classes to Live By

6 pm at the Newton County MU Extension Center, 18728 Hwy 59, Neosho, MO. 

Tuesday Night Classes to Live By
$10 per class or 3 for $25

Pre-Registration is requested by the week before.  
A minimum of 5 pre-registered participants will be
required, otherwise the class will be canceled. 

A maximum of 20 attendees will be allowed. 

Call now to reserve your spot! 
(417) 455-9500

Pay by Visa, MasterCard, Check or Cash

MU Extension Spring Programs



13th –   Eldon Cole, Livestock Specialist – Beef Cattle Supplementation

20thRenette Wardlow, Human Development Specialist – Reducing stress for better health

27thJanet LaFon, Family Financial Education Specialist – Getting Back on track with your finances after the holidays


10thReagan Bluel, Diary Specialist – Calf Development


17th –   Amanda Werner, 4-H Youth Program Assistant – Freezer Meals: Planning for


24thRenette Wardlow, Human Development Specialist–Introduction to Stay Strong Stay Healthy


10thEldon Cole, Livestock Specialist – Buying Bulls

17thJeremy Elliott-Engel, 4-H Youth Development Specialist – Working with volunteers

24thKathy Macomber, Community Development Specialist – Identify and Strengthen your leadership skills

31st - Kathy Macomber,  Community Development Specialist – Raising the bar- High performing teams



14th Jim Wirth, Human Development Specialist–Temperament & Leadership


21stLydia Kaume, Nutrition Specialist – Managing Heart Disease


28thPatrick Byers, Horticulture Specialist– Backyard Poultry



12thJill Scheidt, Agronomy Specialist – May Hay is Good Hay


19thRandy Garrett, LU Small Farm Outreach Worker– Sheep production


26th -  Linda and Mike Simmons, Hill’N’Hollow Master Gardeners– Wild Edibles


9th –  Lydia Kaume, Nutrition Specialist – Food Safety Guidelines


16thPatrick Byers, Horticulture Specialist– Berry Basics


23rdJill Scheidt, Agronomy Specialist– Beneficial Insect ID


30thSherry McBride, Hill’N’Hollow Master Gardener– Native Plants



Other Programs that will be held in addition:

Amy Patillo, Community Development Specialist - Bee keeping   on February 14th (Introduction, $65) and March 7th (Intermediate, $45). 

Bob McNary and Jeremy Elliott-Engel, 4-H Youth Development Specialists – Youth Development Academy (dates TBD) ($75 per 3 hour session). 

Jim Wirth, Human Development Specialist– Strategies on Preventing Falls $10  April 14th 10-12, $10


 Newton County Extension Center has moved

Our new office building is at 18728 Hwy 59 in Neosho.


Test pressure canner gauges now and get prepared for home canning

It is time to get canning supplies and equipment checked and ready to use. It is also a good time to brush up on safe canning techniques.

Before using it, be sure to get the dial gauge of your pressure canner tested. The spring in the dial gauge can get worn out or stuck, so it needs to be tested annually.

Any low acid foods, like vegetables, meats and some tomato products, need to be canned under pressure in order to reach the temperature required to destroy the disease-causing microorganisms that could be present.

If a pressure gauge is not accurate, it could create an environment inside the canning jar that is not only unsafe but is instead the perfect breeding ground for growing the pathogens. The contamination cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, so the only way to ensure that the food is safe is to preserve it in the correct way.

Gauge testing

Pressure canner gauges can be tested at the Newton MU Extension.

Preservation books

MU Extension has guides and publications explaining how to get started canning and step-by-step instructions on how to use a pressure canner online and at most offices.

MU Extension guide sheets cover topics like canning vegetables, fruits, jams and jellies, tomatoes and tomato products, pickles and pickled products, and meat, fish and poultry.

For more information on nutrition contact one of the following nutrition specialists: Christeena Haynes, in Dallas County, 417-345-7551; Dr. Lydia Kaume in Barton County, 417-682-3579; Dr. Pam Duitsman, in Greene County, 417-881-8909; or Cammie Younger in Texas County, 417-967-4545. Information is also available online

It's time to test your soil

Whether you are planting a garden, an orchard or thinking of hay and pasture a soil test can help you know what you will need to amend your soil for the best results possible. Call our office for more information. Cost is $13 per sample.

Soil testing provides an estimate of the plant-available nutrients in the soil and is an essential tool for a sound fertilization program. Periodic soil testing will help to correct nutrient deficiencies, avoid excess fertilizer applications and maintain a healthy lawn, garden or cropland.
related information: Lawn and garden

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Southwest Region Expert Guide

A reference guide to the expertise of University of Missouri Extension specialists in Southwest Missouri: 2011 Expert Guide (PDF).

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