Gifts from the Home and Heart 

A Holiday Food Preservation class, teaching you to make fruit leathers and sweet spreads


4-H Enrollment begins October 1, 2016

We are looking forward to a new year full of new and wonderful opportunities to learn and grow!

Here are some issues that you need to address when enrolling your family for the new 4-H year:

Be sure your mailing address is valid

Be sure your email addresses are valid

Be certain project selections are updated.

Many times email or mailings are returned because of invalid information. We print mailing labels and send email notices through this online enrollment system. If your information is not current, you will not receive important 4-H information.


Soil Testing

Whether you are planting a garden, an orchard or thinking of hay and pasture, a soil test can help you know what you will need to amend your soil for the best results possible. Call our office for more information at 417-455-9500. Cost is $20 per sample.

Soil testing provides an estimate of the plant-available nutrients in the soil and is an essential tool for a sound fertilization program. Periodic soil testing will help to correct nutrient deficiencies, avoid excess fertilizer applications and maintain a healthy lawn, garden or cropland.
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Ag News and Views

A monthly newsletter for ag producers

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Beef Newsletter

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Newton County Annual Report

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Southwest Region Expert Guide

A reference guide to the expertise of University of Missouri Extension specialists in Southwest Missouri: 2011 Expert Guide (PDF).

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