Montgomery County

Extension Council

Seeks Nominees

Nominations are being accepted for the January 2015 election of the Montgomery County University of Missouri Extension Council members, according to Council Chairman Ernst Uthlaut.

Council members are elected or appointed to two-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Nominees must be at least 18 and must reside in the district from which they are selected.

Nominees are needed for the following townships and cities: Bear Creek, two; Danville, one; Montgomery, two; Prairie, one; Lower Loutre, one; Upper Loutre, two; and City of Wellsville, one.

"We want nominees who are interested in education and the progress of our community," Uthlaut said. "The resources of the University of Missouri System and Lincoln University are available to us. We need active council members to help plan educational programs and to work with University of Missouri Extension specialists."

Nominations may be made through the county extension center

University of Missouri Extension offers educational programs in categories such as agriculture, home economics, business and industry, community development, youth development (4-H) and various continuing education courses, seminars and workshops. 

If you are interested in being a nominee, please contact the Montgomery County Extension Office, 310 Salisbury St., Ste. E, Montgomery City, MO 63361, or call 573-564-3733. The website is: or visit us on Facebook: University of Missouri - Montgomery Co.



Quality for Keeps

Information for those who produce and preserve food

The October newsletter contains:

Where the wild things are . . .

Food preservation resources

Black walnut biscotti

Mailing perishable foods

2014 October Quality for Keeps (PDF)

Quality for Keeps

End of Season Survey

The University of Missouri would like your feedback on how you have used the information from the Quality for Keeps newsletter. Individuals returning this survey by November 21, 2014, will be entered into a drawing for several free cookbooks and canning books!

QFK Survey (PDF)


Journal Your Garden

The most challenging aspect of successful gardening just might be the difficulty recalling what worked and what didn't from year to year. Many gardeners believe the keys to successful gardening are getting your plans on paper first and keeping records. MU Extension's new publicatoin, MP928, From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar, gives you an easy way to recrod your garden plans, observations and ideas.

This publication also includes year-round resources to guide gardeners at all experience levels. Written by MU Extension horticulture specialists who teach Master Gardeners, this publicatoin brings you reliable and relevant information.

Order today at


Soil Testing Available

At Montgomery County Extension Office

Getting your soil tested is an important part of gardening and farming. Basic soil testing analyzes nutrient content and fertility status. Results include fertilizer and lime recommendations. Additional tests are available for nutrient management plans, environmental issues, potting mixes, compost, manure and water usage. Each sample should contain about 1½ cups of dry soil from 6 to 7 inches deep. Consult our soil testing publications for specific instructions. Bring your soil samples to the Montgomery County Extension Office, 310 Salisbury St., Ste. E., Montgomery City, MO 63361. Results are typically provided within two weeks.


2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Montgomery County Annual Report is now available in the extension office as well as on-line. The report is located on the left hand side of the this site under plans and reports. This report highlights 20123extension programming and how it improves peoples' lives through research-based information. If you have any questions or comments, please call the Montgomery County Extension Office at 573-564-3733.