Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Floods. 

University of Missouri Extension has an extensive collection of severe weather resources and links to help individuals, families and communities prepare for and recover from weather-related emergencies and other disasters: Weather Resources

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Eastern Tent caterpillars are most often found on or near wild cherry trees, wild plum trees, apple trees or other ornamentals such as crab apple. They strip the tree’s leaves after building a nest, or tent, and then migrate to areas such as fences, sides of buildings or the ground.  MU Extension guide G7271 Insect Defoliators of Missouri Trees offers tips on identifying and controlling several species of web producing caterpillars.


Your Show-Me Garden

MU Extension brings you gardening tips from experts around the state.  Monthly gardening calendars provide helpful hints for your ornamentals, fruits, vegetables and lawns. Weekly features and publications provide information from pest control to pruning evergreens, container gardening to weed identification.  Show-Me Garden



NEMO AG Connection Newsletter

The NEMO AG Connection newsletter is a monthly publication containing the latest information from MU Extension Ag specialists in Ag Business, Agronomy, Ag Engineering, Livestock and Horticulture.  Ag Connection is your local link to MU for ag extension and research information.

 4-H: Leaders for life

 4-H Faculty, Staff and Volunteers create multiple opportunities for youth. 4-H project work and related educational experiences help youth explore interests in citizenship, communications and leadership.  4-H Youth report 3 times more opportunities than their non-4-H peers to engage in meaningful community leadership roles. This interest in leadership and community service translates to a 70% greater likelihood of  4-H members to attend college compared to youth participating in other out-of school programs. 4-H is growing the leaders of tomorrow today.  For information on joining 4-H, contact your local MU Extension center.


Gardening season is in full swing.

Check out the latest issue of the Garden Talk newsletter and read tips for vegetables, fruits, and lawn care each month.  Also, check out the latest Horticulture Radio Programs for up-to-date information from MU Extension horticulturalist Jennifer Schutter.




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