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Selecting, thawing and cooking your turkey

Many people only purchase and prepare turkey around the holidays, so the following information has been developed as a guide for purchasing and preparing turkey. Follow the guidelines set by MissouriFamilies.org Food and Fitness at their website: http://missourifamilies.org/features/nutritionarticles/nut200.htm


Healthy Houseplants

As the outdoor gardening season draws to a close, avid gardeners often turn their attention to caring for those plants growing in their homes. Attractive and constantly changing, plants add a softness of line and provide a bit of nature indoors during the dormant months of winter.  Fall is an ideal time of the year to add to one’s collection of houseplants, since many retail outlets offer very attractive prices on them at this time of the year. For the complete story go to: http://ipm.missouri.edu/MEG/2015/10/Healthy-Houseplants/


Did you know . . .

Word Origin & History

garden c.1300, from O.N.Fr. gardin, from V.L. hortus gardinus "enclosed garden," via Frank. *gardo, from P.Gmc. *gardon (cf. O.Fris. garda, O.H.G. garto, Ger. Garten "garden," O.E. geard "enclosure," see yard (1)). The verb is first attested in 1570s. Related: Gardened; gardening. Garden variety in figurative sense first recorded 1928.


Career Opportunity

Regional Family Financial Education Specialist
University of Missouri Extension

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Missouri and primarily serves Jefferson County in the Urban Region, and Franklin, Ste. Genevieve, and St. Francois counties in the East Central Region, with additional coverage as needed.

University of Missouri Extension regional specialists provide collaborative leadership and subject-matter expertise to develop, deliver and evaluate educational programs focused on improving lives, communities and economies.  In general, regional specialists provide educational opportunities that enable businesses, farms, families and communities to strengthen the economy and enhance quality of life. In addition, regional specialists create partnerships with civic and business organizations, educational institutions, local leaders and key stakeholders to identify priorities, increase financial and in-kind resources, and strategically address needs with research-based education.

This position is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating educational programs in financial literacy, money management, estate planning, food resource management, debt management and consumer issues for low income audiences.

For complete information on this position and instructions to apply, follow this link.

Private pesticide applicator training

MU Extension provides private pesticide applicator training for producers as required for Missouri Department of Agriculture certification. Individuals must purchase or bring a copy of MU Extension publication M87, Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual, to the training. Manuals may be purchased at the extension center.

Contact the Jefferson County Extension Office at 636-797-5391 to schedule an individual appointment to apply for a license or renew your current one. Plan on viewing a three hour training DVD.

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