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Farm Leases - The Ins & Outs

Register at the Extension off this this Farm Lease workshop on Thursday, September 21, 6:00—9:00 PM. For more information check out the INFORMATION FLYER.


Enjoy the Great American Eclipse!

The "Great American Eclipse" will take place on August 21, 2017. This will be the first i\time in U.S. history that a total solar eclipse will make landfall exclusively on U.S. soil, meaning it will not be visible from any other country. And this is the first time a total solar eclipse has gone from one American coast to the other since 1918! This eclipse will be the most viewed LIVE ever! More than 10 million people are in the path of totality! Thank you all for stopping by, calling and emailing us! We are completely out of glasses.You can still check out our INFORMATION BROCHURE. Be safe and enjoy this once in a lifetime event!!


Flood resource information

Contact the Extension office at 636-797-5391 if you need additional information.

MU Extension Flood Resources

MP904, Resources for Your Flooded Home

How-to-Install a Self-Help Tarp

Rehabbing Flooded Houses: A Guide for Builders and Contractors

Mold control resources

Understanding the Effects of Flooding on Trees

Flooding Q & A

Design Storm Alert System (tracks accumulated precipitation and helps with managing stored manure or domestic wastewater)

MoDOT road travel conditions

Jefferson County Resource (directory of county agencies)


Straw bale gardening offers options for gardeners

Overcome poor soil and limited space. Check out this ARTICLE about options for your gardening this spring and summer.


Weather related


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