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Creating Economic Development through Local Food Systems

A one-day workshop on December 12, 2014 that will highlight benefits, challenges and opportunities in emerging local food networks. More information and registration for the workshop can be found on the brochure. Deadline for registration is December 9th. 

17th Annual Persimmon Seed Weather Theory

For seventeen years the Jefferson County Extension office has collected and checked local persimmon seeds to compare winter weather theories with actual weather events for the county. So far the persimmon seeds have been accurate (in theory) thirteen out of seventeen years. This year, for added weather forecasting, we collected persimmon seeds from two different parts of the county - west central and south central - to see if there would be different forecasts. Oddly enough the seeds and fruit from the two areas were different, and the outcome was different with the quantity of predictors in the seeds. Here are the results of this year's annual persimmon seed weather theory for Jefferson County:

Ten seeds were harvested from (each of two different) groups provided to us -

  • Persimmon seeds from the Dittmer area (west central in the county) were dark in color while the fruit pulp was light colored - seeds opened contained 8 "spoons" and 2 "knives"
  • Persimmon seeds from the Valles Mines area (south central in the county) were light in color while the fruit pulp was dark orange - seeds opened contained 6 "spoons" and 4 "knives"

While this comparison isn't largely different, winter weather in both of these areas tend to be different in precipitation and accumulation. According to the seed, this year we will be watching for more wet snow with some frigid temps in the west/central parts of the county, while we will be watching for more cold-cutting wind with a little less accumulation of wet snow in the central to south of the county . . .

Key from The Old Farmer's Almanac: According to folklore, you can predict the weather with a persimmon seed. Here's how to do it: Cut open a persimmon seed. (Find persimmon fruit in your supermarket. It should be locally-grown to reflect your weather.)
Look at the shape of the kernel inside.

  • If the kernel is spoon-shaped, lots of heavy, wet snow will fall. Spoon = shovel!
  • If it is fork-shaped, you can expect powdery, light snow and a mild winter.
  • If the kernel is knife-shaped, expect to be "cut" by icy, cutting winds.

It's best to use ripe seeds.


Release of the URS Big River Watershed MASTER PLAN final is now available and online here.

Invasive pests and horticulture alerts page

Well owners need to regularly test their water

If you use well water for cooking and drinking, you should regularly test the water for contamination. For the complete story check out the University of Missouri Extension website: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=2235

Seasonal and Simple: A Guide for Enjoying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Seasonal and simple is a guide to help you select, store and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. The recipes use simple preparations and seasonings, so you can taste the goodness of a fruit or vegetable at the peak of its flavor. The fruits and vegetables are listed in the guide by their growing season — spring, summer and fall. Nutrients and associated health benefits are listed with each fruit or  vegetable. For more information about purchasing this guide go to the guide information: http://www.extension.missouri.edu/p/MP909. Free app - Download the free Seasonal and Simple app for iPhone and Android, and your premium guide to finding, selecting, preparing and storing fresh fruits and vegetables in Missouri will be right in the palm of your hand.

Plant Diagnostics Clinic Reopens

The University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic was established in 1965 to provide answers to plant health questions. The clinic takes sample for diagnosis throughout Missouri. They welcome sample submissions to help determine plant health issues and will help track disease or threatening pest locations and noxious weeds. For more information on what can be tested and submission forms and fees check out the MU IPM Program website. You may also bring your samples to the Extension office and we submit the form and plant for you.

Storm Preparedness and Recovery Information

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - The Jefferson County Extension office has compiled a book of information, provided by the American Red Cross, to help you plan before a disaster strikes. Topics include weather related emergency information as well as info on all types of hazards. Learn what you need to do for power outages, heat waves, flu and poisoning. Find out what you should have in a disaster supply kit, learn what needs to be considered for children, disabled persons & seniors and find out how to make a family disaster plan. Contact the Extension office for a copy of the book or you can go online to the American Red Cross website at: http://www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster for individual topics and more information for you and your family.

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