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2016-2017 4-H Enrollment

Dear 4-H Families,

I hope you are having a great 4-H Week.  Now that October has arrived and that means that the time for the 2016-2017 4-H year enrollment has arrived as well.  In the month of October, I will be in the office every Monday and Tuesday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM and on Thursdays 8:00 to Noon . 

To enroll for the first time or reenroll go to https://mo.4honline.com/  . Enrollment is much the same as last year.  All state events will use this website for event enrollments throughout the year.  It would be ideal if we could have at least one parent enrolled as a volunteer for each family. 
There are four steps in the application process: A-B-C-D
A — Applicants should talk to county MU Extension staff about current program needs and volunteer roles.

B — Background checks are done annually on every 4-H youth development volunteer applicant who works with youth outside a classroom setting in an ongoing manner. Applicants should personally complete the approved, current Annual Background Check Consent Form (LG639). The form should be turned in to the county Extension office where the applicant is interested in being considered as a volunteer. Once the screening is complete, the state 4-H office sends a screening postcard to the volunteer applicant, letting him/her know it is complete. The state office also confirms the screening in the person's record inside the 4HOnline system.

C — Course/volunteer orientation for 4-H volunteers  This one-time requirement helps new 4-H youth volunteer applicants understand the depth and breadth of the Missouri 4-H Program. Check with county 4-H staff on in-person training options as we believe that is the best format. Effective October 3, 2016, the online version of the orientation is located within the 4HOnline training module.  Email 4hyouth@missouri.edu or call 573-882-3316 if you need special accommodations for participating in the online orientation.

D — Documentation of a 4-H volunteer applicant's full contact information, desired volunteer role and agreement with Missouri 4-H policies (e.g., Confidentiality, Youth Protection and Volunteer Code of Conduct) is done through online enrollment in the Missouri 4HOnline system. All 4-H volunteer applicants need to set up an adult volunteer profile at http://mo.4honline.com. If the person did this last year, s/he will simply need to re-enroll and update his/her existing 4HOnline volunteer profile. Other MU Extension volunteers who work with youth do not need to enroll in 4HOnline.

Please do not set up a new or second profile. Contact your county MU
Extension office if you do not remember your 4HOnline email log in.
You MUST select "YES" and [CONTINUE] when asked the volunteer
question. Avoid answering yes to the question of whether or not you are
a 4-H employee (unless you are). County 4-H staff will carefully review
each applicant’s information and make the final selection of volunteers
who best fit the program needs for the 2016-17 year.

Please send 4HOnline questions to 4hyouth@missouri.edu and 4-H volunteer questions to volunteerscreening@missouri.edu. Make sure to include your name, county and contact information.

If you have any questions or trouble you can contact me at the office. 

Thank you all and CLOVERS, 

Bart A. Skroh ,
Harrison County Youth Development Program Associate
1505 Main Street
Courthouse Basement
Bethany, MO 64424
Phone: 660-425-6434  Fax: 660-425-3772

MU Extension is hiring for a
Regional Agronomy Specialist
Headquartered in Harrison County.

HEADQUARTERED:   Bethany, Missouri and primarily serves Harrison, Worth, Gentry, Daviess, Mercer, Grundy and Livingston counties in the Northwest Region with additional coverage as needed.
University of Missouri Extension regional specialists provide collaborative leadership and subject-matter expertise to develop, deliver and evaluate educational programs focused on improving lives, communities and economies.  In general, regional specialists provide educational opportunities that enable businesses, farms, families and communities to strengthen the economy and enhance quality of life.  In addition, regional specialists create partnerships with civic and business organizations, educational institutions, local leaders and key stakeholders to identify priorities, increase financial and in-kind resources, and strategically address needs with research-based education.

To view the position description and file an application go to:
Regional Agronomy Specialist Position description (PDF)

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Updating History of Extension in Harrison County

Recently a booklet was found about the first 50 years of extension in Harrison County Missouri. The report titled "Excerpts From History 1919-1969," contains numerous entries that are amusing and gave some perspective about how the Extension service has impacted Harrison County. You can find some of the entries here on our website, http://extension.missouri.edu/harrison/exthistharrison.aspx.  We wish to update the history of the extension center, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. If you have any stories or information about the history of MU Extension in Harrison County in specific, please contact us by phone (660)425-6434 or email harrisonco@missouri.edu.

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