Soil testing

A popular time to amend soil is in early Fall. Whether you are planting a garden, an orchard or thinking of hay and pasture a soil test can help you know what you will need to amend your soil for the best results possible. Call our office for more information. Cost is $15 per sample.

G9215, Soil Sampling Pastures
G6954, Soil Testing for Lawns
G9102, Liming Missouri Soils 
G9112, Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports 


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Journal Your Garden


The most challenging aspect of successful gardening just might be the difficulty recalling what worked and what
didn't from year to year. Many gardeners believe the keys to successful gardening are getting your plans on paper
first and keeping records. MU Extension's new publication, MP928, From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden
Journal and Calendar, gives you an easy way to record your garden plans, observations and ideas.

This publication also includes year-round resources to guide gardeners at all experience levels. Written by MU
Extension horticulture specialists who teach Master Gardeners, this publication brings you reliable and relevant

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