MINK Strategic Planning Conference

The Strategic Planning for the MINK Corridor (pdf) will be November 17-18, 2014.  Pre-registration is required for the conference.  The registration fee is $55 per person by Monday, November 3rd.  Late registration is $65 through November 10th.  For more information, call Bev Maltsberger at 816-279-1691. 

From Seed to Harvest and Beyond


Keeping a garden journal is a great way to organize and get ready for the gardening season.  From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar provides a place to keep all your gardening information, plans and notes together.  This journal also contains graphs for sketching and planning gardens and landscape areas as well as an index of MU Extension gardening guides.  They are $15 each.  Call our office at 816-324-3147 to place an order. 

Health Insurance Education Initiative 


Regional extension specialists across the state offer fact-based information to help individuals and families better understand the new health care law and make informed health insurance decisions.  Watch these videos to help you understand what the new health care law means for you and your family along with how to enroll in health insurance.


Marketplace Enrollment Report

Medicaid Enrollment Report



Build Your Board is a convenient  training program designed specifically for board members of non-profit organizations.  Created by University of Missouri Extension community development specialists with over 50 years of combined experience in the field, the information presented is reliable and resourceful.

Here to help

The staff of the Andrew County Extension Center is available to assist you with research-based information on a variety of topics.  If you can't find what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call at 816-324-3147 or send an email to andrewco@missouri.edu

Don't guess — Soil test and save time and money

Soil testing is the best guide to the efficient use of fertilizer and soil amendments.  Whether you grow acres of row crops or have a vegetable garden in the backyard, a soil test will provide you with an analysis of nutrients and a set of recommendations for improvements. Soil testing can be done through the extension office. The cost for a regular test is $15 per sample box .  Additional fees are required for additional tests.  Each sample box requires 2 cups of dry soil.  Results will be mailed to you in about 10 to 14 business days. See additional MU publications for information on soil testing.

Private pesticide applicator training

If you need to be certified or recertified, call the extension office to schedule a time to view the video.  Individuals are required to have a Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual. Bring your copy for verification or purchase one for $12 at the extension office.

Popular MU Guides/Extension Publications:

MU Ext. Publication G302, 2012 Custom Rates/Farm Services in MO
MU Ext. Publication G427, 2011 Cash Rental Rates in MO
MU Ext. Publication G810, Fencing Laws of Missouri
MU Ext. Publication G6201, Vegetable Planting Calendar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MU Ext. Publication G403, Farmland Values for Missouri Counties

Your community classroom

MU Extension is the University of Missouri’s classroom in Andrew County. We connect people to research-based education to enrich the quality of life and enhance the economic well-being of our communities. MU Extension-Andrew County is your one-stop source for practical education and information on almost anything.

MU Extension partners with the Andrew County Commission and other local organizations to provide education, information and services that meet people’s needs. The elected and appointed members of the Andrew County extension council provide guidance in identifying those needs to ensure that our educational programs are relevant, reliable and responsive.

Whether it’s resources for yourself or your family, farm, business or community, we invite you to explore our website or contact the Andrew County Extension Office in Savannah to learn how we can help you.

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