Turfgrass Disease Identification Sample

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Turfgrass Disease Identification Sample
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Turfgrass Disease Identification Sample
Turfgrass Disease Identification Sample

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    Note: Homeowners submitting samples from their own lawns should use the Plant Disease Sample Form.

    Please fill out the turfgrass disease identification sample form before making the sample purchase.

    Complete the turfgrass disease identification sample form

    Sampling instructions

    1. Take pictures of affected area. Show pattern of outbreak across area. Attach photos to this form or email to [email protected]
    2. Take plugs from the outer margins of affected areas, including 2/3rd symptomatic turf and 1/3rd healthy turf. 
    3. Take plugs at least 4-6 inches across with a cup cutter or knife to a depth of 3-4 inches. Shake off any loose soil.
    4. Send 1-2 plugs per sample.
    5. Wrap plugs tight in aluminum foil and surround with newspaper or other packing securely in the box.
    6. DO NOT place samples in a plastic bag.

    Shipping instructions

    1. Sample dropoffs are not allowed.
    2. Schedule delivery early in the week. Samples arriving after Thursday will sit in the campus mail warehouse and will be unavailable until the following Monday afternoon. Sample degradation may be then too progressed to provide a reliable diagnosis.
    3. Take the sample on the same day you intend to mail it.
    4. The quicker the shipping service the better.
    5. Email tracking number to [email protected] to facilitate delivery.

    Ship to:

    University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic
    Attn: Lee Miller

    1100 University Ave.
    28 Mumford Hall
    Columbia, MO 65211