MU Extension new employee orientation


The MU Extension internal Web Applications System (WebApps), is found at WebApps serves as a central information management system. It is used by both campus-based employees and those in statewide field offices.

There are eight modules in WebApps:

You can read the inventory of all programs offered by MU Extension. The information in programs includes program description, needs addressed, outcomes and whom to contact for more information about the program.

Where specialists plan the programs they will be implementing during the fiscal year.  Specialists' plans become part of the county plan of work and subsequently the regional and state plans of work. This information is also used by the regional director when doing performance evaluations.

Where events, activities and other extension tasks are scheduled. This information is used to populate calendars on extension Web pages.

Where information is reported for events, activities, and other extension tasks. In reporting we capture who attended and what impact extension had on the participants. The information that is reported is used for annual reports, stakeholder reports, government agency reports, program evaluation and performance review.

Many reports can be generated from WebApps based on information entered into the system. Reports can include information on whom the extension programs reached, demographics, impacts and outcomes. Extension uses these reports for a wide range of needs, such as USDA, ARERA, legislatures, affirmative action, various campus entities, county councils, annual reports, state extension specialists and other stakeholders.

The customer module is used to maintain customer information and the rosters for events. This module is evolving and will be a customer resource management tool in the near future.

Absence reporting
Full-time, monthly paid, off-campus faculty and staff, and some on-campus faculty and staff use this module to report work absences.

ISE registration system (In-service Education)
Facilitators create ISEs in the system, which are then approved by program directors. MU Extension employees can register to attend ISEs. Facilitators can view class rosters, send e-mails to participants and report on attendance after the ISE.

WebApps technical support
The WebApps system is managed by the Extension Technology Support group (ETCS). For additional training and support you can contact Paula Hudson at

The WebApps Sandbox is a duplicate version of the WebApps system that does not contain real reporting data. It is strongly recommended that you use it to practice using WebApps and learn the system. All the functions are the same, but the data entered is not live i.e. events you create in the Sandbox will not be posted to the Web site calendar, etc.

Help files for WebApps are accessible here:
or you can reach them by clicking the "Help" link in the upper right hand corner while logged into WebApps or the Sandbox.

Logging in
When logging into WebApps or Sandbox you may be asked to log in with your Pawprint. In the UserID field enter your domain followed by your user name like this:   um-users\doej

Your password is the same as the password you use to log onto your computer.