Regional trainers

County bookkeepers and county program directors can rely on the expertise of the County Accounting Support Team (CAST) trainers within their regions.  Contact your regional trainer listed below for assistance with basic QuickBooks or accounting issues. For unusual transactions of situations, contact the QuickBooks administrator.

Urban region

  • Scott Killpack, St. Charles County CPD
  • Crystal Lutgen, Jackson County bookkeeper

East central

  • Jane Kempker, Cole County bookkeeper
  • Marsha Parsons, Warren County bookkeeper
  • Kathy Dothage, Osage County CPD


  • Chris Coy, Lews County bookkeeper
  • Kathy Nichols, Audrain County bookkeeper

West central

  • Darlene Kraus, Cooper County bookkeeper
  • Brent Carpenter, Pettis County CPD
  • Healther Burns, Cedar County bookkeeper
  • Brenda Doody, Bates County bookkeeper
  • Verlinda Talley, Henry Couty bookkeeper


  • Meridith Berry, Grundy County
  • Bob Kelly, Buchanan County
  • Kevin Hansen, QuickBooks Administrator
  • Joyce Hall, Livingston County bookkeeper
  • Lila O'Riley, Nodaway County bookkeeper


  • David Reinbott, Scott County CPD
  • Chris Waite, Butler County bookkeeper


  • Bob Schultheis, Webster County CPD
  • Donna Eldridge, Webster County bookkeeper
  • Stacy Hambelton, Ozark County CPD
  • Chrystal Irons, Taney County CPD