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Great Plains ADA Center

The Change Agent States — eXtension

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Other Cooperative Extension diversity sites

University of Florida — Strengthening programs to reach diverse audiences

Louisiana State University — Diversity Center

North Dakota State University — Change Agent States for diversity

Cornell University



Annual Tri-State Diversity Conference

The annual conference offers professional development, promotes diversity and offers insight for change within your community. Speakers and leadership sessions foster an open dialogue to inspire progress and change for the future. Information on next year's conference will be posted when available at

Intercultural Solutions for Challenging Times

The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) strives to address the challenges and rewards of intercultural relations. SEITAR encourages individuals and businesses to embrace differences for a better world and work together for common goals. See more information at

National ADA Symposium

The National ADA Symposium provides the latest information on all regulations and guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Interactive sessions offer strategies and best practices for not only fulfilling ADA requirements, but for finding effective solutions applicable to daily lives in every community or work environment. Downloadable session handouts and advanced Issues Forum sessions are available for each conference. Information on the upcoming conference will be posted when available at