Money Management: Living on Less

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Learning how to spend less but still live well takes skill, determination and know-how — but it can be done! Before you buy, ask yourself, "Is there another way to get what we need or want? Can we recycle? Share someone else's? Make rather than buy? Rent? Trade? Or use public services?" These are all ways to stretch scarce resources when you have to.

This guide includes more than 80 ideas to help you live on less. They are designed to help you meet your needs even after income has been reduced. Most of the ideas are practical, everyday things you can do to cut expenses.

You may already be using some of these ideas, and not every idea will work for you.

As you hear of new ideas that you might consider trying, add them to the list. This is a handy reference when you plan your family budget.

Remember to keep your family needs clearly in mind. Then use these ideas to help you think of ways to increase or extend your resources.

This guide was originally written by Nancy Flood, MU Extension.
Brenda Procter, MU Extension state specialist in personal financial planning, reviewed and revised this edition.

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