Industrial Hemp Pesticides in Missouri

Justin Keay
Field Specialist in Horticulture
Drew Kientzy
Student Assistant

This guide lists approved pesticides for industrial hemp production in Missouri. Approved pesticides have received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval and are registered for use by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Information for approved pesticides can be found in Table 1. All information is current as of Nov. 10, 2020. Hemp buyers may have additional restrictions. Growers should confirm pesticide approval from contracted buyer to guarantee acceptance at harvest.

Be aware if industrial hemp is grown in rotation with conventional crops, there is potential for residual herbicide contamination. Some herbicides can carryover for multiple years following their use in a given area making previous knowledge of land usage and treatment a necessity before planting a hemp crop. Further information about herbicide carryover considerations in hemp can be obtained at

Table 1. EPA registered pesticides for use in industrial hemp.

Treatment typeProduct name – Label PDFManufacturerEPA registration
FungicideCarb-O-NatorCertis USA LLC70051-117
FungicideLifeGard WGCertis USA LLC70051-119
FungicideMBI-106Marrone Bio Innovations84059-21
FungicideRegalia BioprotectantMarrone Bio Innovations84059-3
FungicideReliant Systemic FungicideQuest Products LLC83416-1
Fungicide / bactericideAmplitudeMarrone Bio Innovations84059-28
Fungicide / bactericideGH DMNTHawthorne Hydroponics LLC91865-3
Fungicide / miticide / insecticideDebug OptimoAgro Logistic Systems Inc.70310-7
Fungicide / miticide / insecticideDebug TresAgro Logistic Systems Inc.70310-8
Fungicide / miticide / insecticideDebug TurboAgro Logistic Systems Inc.70310-5
Fungicide / miticide / insecticideRangoTerramera Inc.88760-10
Fungicide / miticide / insecticideSil-MATRIXCertis USA LLC70051-127
InsecticideBioceresAnatis Bioprotection Inc.89600-2
InsecticideCrymaxCertis USA LLC70051-86
InsecticideDebug-ONAgro Logistic Systems Inc.70310-11
InsecticideFawligenAgBiTech Pty Ltd.87978-4
InsecticideGH CMTHawthorne Hydroponics LLC91865-1
InsecticideGH MPMT (conventional)Hawthorne Hydroponics LLC91865-2
InsecticideGH NAMTHawthorne Hydroponics LLC91865-4
InsecticideMycotrol ESLAM International Corporation82074-1
InsecticidePFR-97 WDGCertis USA LLC70051-19
InsecticideGemstar LCCertis USA LLC70051-45
Insecticide / miticideSPEAR LepVestaron Corporation88847-6
InsecticideBotaniGard 22WPLAM International Corporation82074-2
Note: Unless otherwise noted as conventional, all products listed are bio-pesticides. Certified organic farms should check with their certifier before using any of the products listed. Contact your buyers and processors for additional restrictions on treatments used for hemp biomass.