Rules for Missouri Ambulance Districts

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Monte Olsen
Based on similar works by John Ballard

Ballard Local Government Series

Rules for Missouri Ambulance Districts manual cover.


The purpose of this manual is to help ambulance district officials understand and comply with the state’s requirements. It is, first and foremost, the work of the late John Ballard. This manual would not be possible without the original manuals that John conceived and wrote.

The effort to continue John’s work depends on many people. First, John’s family led the effort by making his work available to University of Missouri Extension. Patrick Cronan, attorney, signifiantly revised the fire protection district manual, updating sections outdated by the passage of time and legislation. Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute Adjunct Professor Monte Olsen updated the third edition of the fire protection district manual. While John did not write a manual for ambulance districts, Rules for Missouri Fire Protection Districts was the starting point for this manual.

Many others provided advice and comments that greatly improved the quality of the manual: Jason White, attorney Frank Foster, Shane Lockard, Barb Shupe, Sean Hill and Mark Alexander, among others.

Attorney Douglas B. Harris of Harris, Harris, & Gilbert, LLC, in Warrensburg, Missouri, completely reviewed the manual. We owe him many thanks.

Judith I. Stallmann, emeritus professor of agricultural and applied economics and public affairs, University of Missouri, is the editor of the series. Dennis Murphy provided the original art for the cover, and Sharon Wood-Turley provided the final editing and layout. We express our deepest appreciation to all who contributed to this work.

It is hoped this effort is useful to those who make local government work. Readers should recognize that the topics covered in this manual can rapidly change due to court decisions and new federal and state legislation. The information contained herein may not, therefore, be completely up to date or accurate at all times. We recommend that ambulance districts engage legal counsel as needed in order to ensure that the planned actions are appropriate.

A gift, established by Dr. James Ahrenholz in honor of the contributions of Dr. Curtis Bracheler, contributed to this project.  

Judith I. Stallmann
July 2020

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