Offering CEUs

MU Extension partners with the University's schools and colleges, as well as off campus entities, to offer continuing education units (CEUs) for pre-approved, non-credit educational programs.

CEU processing procedure

  1. Organizer completes Non-Credit Project Approval form (PDF) or equivalent per policy.
  2. Organizer coordinates academic/administrative approval on Non-Credit Project Approval form.
  3. After the event organizer provides to the MU Conference office ([email protected])
  4. Registrants granted the requested amount of CEUs as provided by unit.
  5. Conference Office emails CEU certificates to recipients OR physical certificates will be provided to organizer. (see #3 above)
  6. Final CEU roster provided to organizer.
  7. Organizer will be billed $5.00 per CEU recipient by MU Conference Office; additional $5.00 fee will be charged if physical certificates are provided. This fee is waived for projects utilizing the registration services of the MU Conference Office.

Questions and documentation can be sent to the MU Conference Office at [email protected].