Industry partner information

Adult learning is more important than ever in this fast-paced, constantly evolving, global market that both Missouri employers and employees find themselves navigating. MU's Career Accelerator is committed to delivering the most advanced research-backed non-credit certificates, bootcamps, and custom trainings to meet your company's changing workforce needs.

Expectations for Industry Partner

The Accelerator’s Industry Partners are committed to establishing an educational partnership to offer their employees pathways to build or upskill individual skillsets to meet company needs. Industry partners are committed to:

  • Establishing an MU Career Accelerator consistent presence for their employees;
  • Sharing MU Career Accelerator’s applicable offerings with their employees on a regular basis;
  • Identifying and establishing a process for professional development or tuition assistance funding for their employees to access Accelerator programs when possible;
  • Attending the MU Career Accelerator’s Industry Partner meeting twice a year;
  • Providing MU Extension with feedback on industry workforce needs.

Industry Partner Benefits

The MU Career Accelerator is committed to supporting industry partners by:

  • Recognizing the company on the Accelerator webpage as an industry partner;
  • Gathering feedback and input from partners on the development of new bootcamps and certificates;
  • Connecting the company with other MU resources and opportunities, such as employee relations, career fairs, student projects, custom trainings, sponsored research projects, and more.