Healthy Weight Advisory Committee

The Healthy Weight Advisory Committee (HWAC) was created within MOCAN in 2018 to provide oversight for implementing recommendations to prevent and treat obesity that were made to key Missouri policymakers by the Subcommittee on Childhood Obesity (SCO)-Missouri Children’s Services Commission. The SCO concluded that:

Obesity is a complex medical, social and environmental problem. A statewide collaboration with diverse representation can provide expertise and guidance to advance and monitor sustainable, evidence-based strategies for decreasing childhood obesity. Statewide collaborations provide an opportunity for joint planning, system-wide problem solving and policy development.

This and other recommendations to address childhood obesity are described in the report Critical to the Health of Our Children: Missouri’s Actions for Addressing Childhood Obesity (PDF) completed by the Subcommittee on Childhood Obesity (SCO), State of Missouri Children’s Services Commission.

Long-term goal

Improve collaborative actions by providing expertise and advice to advance and monitor sustainable, evidence-based strategies for increasing the number of children at a healthy weight in Missouri.


  • Planning: Define measurable goals and implementation plans based on SCO recommendations.
    • Periodically review and update.
    • Identify viable actions and select those that carry out objectives in a feasible manner.
    • Identify priorities that would benefit from alignment between sectors (e.g., child care, school, health care, public health) and plan accordingly.
  • Resource attainment: Advise and facilitate efforts to align and build on existing resources and attain additional funds to achieve priority objectives and actions.
  • Evaluation: Establish process and outcome evaluation methods to determine impact of actions implemented.
  • Communication: Assure MOCAN members, statewide partners, healthcare professionals and community representatives are regularly updated concerning progress.

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To read about HWAC membership, guiding principles and project history please review the following:

Join us

The group meets the third Thursday of each month from 3:00-4:00 p.m. via Zoom. Please contact the HWAC chairs to join.