Our history

The University of Missouri is one of 10 founding member institutions in the National College Advising Corps (NCAC), the Corps now includes 25 corps in 15 states, most headquartered at state flagship institutions. MCAC placed its first college advisers in high schools across the state in the fall of 2008. During its first year, MCAC placed nine college advisers in seven urban and rural public high schools and three community colleges. By fall of 2009, the program grew to include 13 advisers serving 11 high schools and three community colleges. In fall 2010, MCAC had 14 advisers working at 11 high schools and three community colleges. Starting in fall 2011, MCAC began to focus exclusively on working with high school students. In 2011-12, 24 MCAC advisers served 25 high schools in Kansas City, St. Louis and rural South Central. In 2013-2014 MCAC, had 25 advisers serving in 26 high schools. After a significant expansion to MCAC’s AmeriCorps funding, in 2014-2015 41 college advisers served 37 high schools. In 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, 42 MCAC advisers served in 43 high schools. In 2018-19, MCAC has continued to expand to have 48 college advisers serving 48 public high schools throughout the state of Missouri.

MCAC 10 years graphic

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