Clover Kids

    • "I like 4-H Clover Kids cause I get to make fun stuff. I learned that spiders aren't bugs (insects) — they got too many legs." — Clover Kid member, Bollinger County
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Clover Kids is the officially recognized 4-H program in Missouri for children under age 8. The program is designed to provide 5 to 7 year-olds a variety of activities led by an adult that will help them:

  • explore many different interests,
  • build self-confidence,
  • practice communication skills,
  • get along and share with others, and
  • be a part of a group.

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    What do Clover Kids do?

    Clover Kids attend meetings that center around fun learning activities. Some examples include: pets, food/nutrition, science/space, puppets, music, magic, plants, arts and crafts and much more!

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    Can parents or guardians be involved?

    Yes, parents and guardians can volunteer! Whether it’s making food for a meeting, driving members to activities or becoming a Clover Kids leader, there is always room for parents and guardians to become involved. Contact your county MU Extension centerfor more information about the Clover Kids program. A 4-H staff member will guide you to the Clover Kids opportunities in your area.

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    Does it cost anything to join 4-H Clover Kids?

    There is a small fee to join 4-H Clover Kids. Check with your county MU Extension center for details. In addition, there might be charges for materials or special trips.

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