4-H Volunteer Professional Development Grant


Now known as the 4-H Volunteer Professional Development Endowment Fund, the Country Store Endowment Fund was established under direction of former 4-H youth development specialist Mary Jo Williams with the intent that funds would be utilized to provide professional development for 4-H volunteers.

Grant award

The Missouri 4-H Foundation will offer grants of up to $400 per region per year (as funds are available). Regions will not be eligible for more than one grant in a given year. The volunteer development opportunity must include a way to measure success (i.e. an evaluation form).

Preference will be given to new and innovative programs for 4-H volunteers. Recipients will be notified on or before the date of the 4-H Fall Retreat. The funds may be used for materials (print and other supplies), the fees for a guest speaker/presenter, and other incurred costs associated with the program, but not salary.

How to apply

Any 4-H faculty or staff member presently working at least half time for two years with the University of Missouri Extension is eligible to apply. If you do not meet the employment criteria, contact the Extension Volunteer Specialist, who can make exceptions for special circumstances. The professional development program must be for recognized 4-H volunteers.

Stipulations: Applications must include a plan to sustain the program beyond the initial offering. Regions may apply for the award the following year, however, first consideration will be given to those regions which did not receive an award the prior program year.


Grant applications must be received no later than September 16.


Grantees are required to submit a written report to the Missouri 4-H Foundation within 60 days of completion of the project/program and must include at least one photo and a summary of the program evaluations. Regions that do not complete the reporting requirements will be ineligible for future grants.

Contact: Eric Jackson, MU Extension Volunteer Specialist for questions or to discuss your plan before submitting your proposal.

Application form (DOCX)