Giving to Missouri 4-H

The Permanent Charitable IRA Rollover

Now you can make tax-free gifts from your individual retirement account (IRA). Known as the Charitable IRA Rollover, you can make annual gifts to the Missouri 4-H Foundation from your IRA this year and well into the future because of recent changes in tax law.

See the benefits for you

Individuals 70½ and older can transfer up to $100,000 from their individual retirement accounts directly to qualified charitable organizations such as the Missouri 4-H Foundation without being subject to income taxes on the distribution.

Here's how the Charitable IRA Rollover works

  • You must be age 70½ or older at the time of the gift.
  • This opportunity applies only to IRAs and no other types of retirement plans.
  • You transfer up to $100,000 directly from your IRA.
  • You cannot give to charitable trusts, donor advised funds, charitable gift annuities or supporting organizations.
  • You cannot get anything in return for your gift such as a premium, or event tickets, etc.
  • You transfer funds outright to one or more qualified charities.
  • You can give any amount, as long as it is $100,000 or less this year.
  • You can use your required minimum distribution (RMD).
    • RMD on balance of $100,000 – $3,649.64
    • RMD on balance of $250,000 – $9,124.09
    • RMD on balance of $500,000 – $18,248.18
    • RMD on balance of $1,000,000 – $36,496.35

It is wise to consult with your tax professionals if you are contemplating a charitable gift under the extended law. Please feel free to contact our office or call 800-642-8041 with any questions you may have.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. Figures cited are for hypothetical purposes only and are subject to change. References to estate and income taxes include federal taxes only. State income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results.