Making Money Count for Clergy

making money count

Finance basics

Practical, easy-to-understand info and tools that you can apply personally or professionally with congregants.

Faculty from the University of Missouri Personal Financial Planning department and MU Extension have spent the last two years customizing workshops for clergy. Dozens of pastors from across the state have helped us to build a program that provides easy-to-understand, relevant money management information that you can apply immediately.

Clergy get several benefits, including:

  • Information to help yourselves (e.g., clergy-specific tax and retirement information)
  • Tools to use with your congregants (e.g., financial education materials that are easy to use for counseling and financial ministry efforts)
  • One-on-one financial coaching sessions with Family Financial Educators
  • Meeting the requirements of C2FM’s clergy grant program, which can provide you directly with up to $5,000 for a variety of uses (retirement, education, emergencies, debt payoff are just a few, see the C2FM application for direct aid)

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