How to Get an A in Retirement

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Replace worry with action solutions

“Hope for the best” is not a retirement plan. Replace worry with action solutions that positively impact your finances in retirement and the years leading up to it.

Who aspires to have an average or below average retirement after working for decades? We have optimistic expectations for the last chapters of our lives. Too often, though, our planning falls far short of our dreams and goals for retirement. “Hope for the best” is not a retirement plan.

This course is for those who don’t want an average retirement. It is for those who want to shape their retirement years to be the big finish. Enrolling in this course suggests that you are ready to learn what to do to get that “A” in retirement.

The course is scheduled to take eight weeks to complete, with a new lesson added each week. You will have access to all previous lessons as well as the current lesson until the course closes, usually 30 days after the last week. We know that “life happens” so there is a bit of make-up time after the last lesson just in case you need it.

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