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We enhance economic development opportunities by providing high-quality research and insights to our partners – Let us Exceed your expectations. We routinely work with businesses, communities, regions, governments and nonprofits through a variety of projects. View recent projects on this page and click the contact link at the bottom to obtain more information about engaging with the Exceed team.

  • St. Louis agribusiness economic contribution

    • The importance of AgriBusiness to the St. Louis Economy - Summary prepared by St. Louis Agribusiness Club and University of Missouri Extension | Exceed
    • Exceed analyzed the economic value and importance of the agricultural industry to St. Louis and the surrounding area. This project measured the economic contribution of agribusiness, jobs supported by agribusiness and reviewed agribusiness employers in the St. Louis region. In addition to published reports, Exceed faculty also presented the findings to the St. Louis Agribusiness Club.
    • Economic Contribution Brief (PDF)
    • Additional Economic Study Deliverables
  • Economic impact of marina in Warsaw, Missouri

    • satellite image map of Warsaw, MO
    • Exceed analyzed the long-term economic benefits of a proposed marina to the city of Warsaw and surrounding Benton County. The marina is part of several planned transportation improvements in Warsaw that will increase tourism, housing and available business space in the downtown area. The marina economic impact analysis was included in a BUILD grant application the city submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
    • View marina economic impact brief (PDF)

Work with us

Exceed routinely partners with businesses, communities, regions, governments and nonprofits to enhance economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in Missouri. We offer consulting for clients on projects related to:

Regional economy evaluation

  • Project evaluation and survey support
  • Industry and occupational analysis
  • Cluster analysis

Rural economy growth strategies

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem building
  • Growth strategy research and data synthesis
  • Strength, challenge, and opportunity assessments

Economic impact analysis

  • Impact modeling for grant/funding opportunities
  • Industry contribution analysis

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