Digital Transformation Consortium

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Meeting the Need for Today's Evolving Technologies

Looking for ways to provide your employees with necessary training in evolving technologies? The Digital Transformation Consortium brings together mid-Missouri businesses to address this need.

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The Digital Transformation Consortium brings together mid-Missouri businesses to address the critical need for continuing education focused on digital technologies. Missouri businesses struggle to recruit and retain employees with the digital technology skillsets needed and many current employees are in need of opportunities to upskill to today's evolving technologies. Consortium members will work with MU Extension and Engagement (MUEXT) to identify the gaps in digital technology training needed for their employees to stay competitive in an ever-shifting world.

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    Consortium Membership

    Businesses located in mid-Missouri may join the Digital Transformation Consortium. Please complete this form to express interest in joining the Consortium.

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    Founding members of the Digital Transformation Consortium will have access to enroll an unlimited number of employees in the three pilot course at no-cost to them through 2022 and will receive member rates for these courses after 2022. These courses are covered by a MO- GEER grant for the first year. Founding members, with MUEXT support, will determine the structure of the Consortium and membership costs for future members.

    Consortium members will meet quarterly to provide feedback on current course offerings and advise MUEXT on digital transformation needs, which will guide future continuing education course development. Funding for future courses will be determined by members. Members will also have the opportunity to fund the development of specific digital trainings to meet their needs.

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    Digital Transformation Certificate Offerings

    Beginning March 1, 2022, three six-week online courses will be available through MU Extension and Engagement: Business Data Analytics, Coding and Programming, and Geographical Information Systems. Each course is designed to be completed self-paced in six weeks with 40-50 hours of total commitment per course. Individuals will receive a certificate of completion for each completed course, and those who complete all three courses will receive an MU Extension Continuing Education certificate in Digital Transformation.

    • Business Analytics in Practice

      • Business man holding a tablet that is projecting analytics information.
    • An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Analytics

      • A color coded evelation map
    • Coding and Programming

      • Computer programming code on screen.

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