Weekly Garden Hour resumes

  • Published: Wednesday, April 27, 2022

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As growing season begins, University of Missouri Extension’s weekly Garden Hour returns to its noon slot on Wednesdays. MU Extension specialists address lawn, garden, disease and insect questions during the free hourlong virtual sessions.

Listeners receive a weather report from MU Extension climatologist Pat Guinan and hear brief sessions on timely gardening topics, says MU Extension horticulturist Donna Aufdenberg.

Horticulturists answer submitted and live questions from participants. They also cover timely topics for the season. Pictures are always welcome and can help them in identifying problems, Aufdenberg says.

To register for the virtual event and/or ask a gardening question, go to ipm.missouri.edu/townHalls.

Sessions are held via Zoom as well as livestreamed at youtube.com/c/muipm/live, where recordings of past sessions are also available.

You can sign up for the Garden Spade, a free monthly gardening e-newsletter, at muext.us/GardenSpadeList.

Writer: Linda Geist

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Donna Aufdenberg

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