The Red Books Are In

  • Published: Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021

Mt. Vernon, MO –  The 2022 University of Missouri Extension, NCBA and Show-Me-Select Heifer Redbooks are now available from Extension field specialists in livestock.  The popular, pocket-size book has been a staple record keeping method on many farms since it’s introduction in the late 1980’s.

The original Integrated Resource Management book was developed in 1985 in Idaho and it’s popularity spread across the United States.  It contains a section to record birth data, pasture usage, herd health, AI breeding information, weather data, a gestation table, body condition scoring tips and of course a weekly calendar.

The Redbook has evolved as a field data collection instrument.  Periodically, the data is entered in a more complete computer record system.  Farms and ranches may give the books to any person that works on the operation.

Contact your nearest University of Missouri Extension Center if you’d like to purchase one.  The basic cost is $6 or more, pending postage if it is mailed to you.


Writer: Eldon Cole

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