Steer Feedout Entries Being Taken

  • Published: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Mt. Vernon, MO –  The 2021 Missouri Steer Feedout for calves born after July 1 to October 31 are being accepted until May 10.  The gathering and delivery to the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity in southwest Iowa will be June 1.  Calves should be weaned before May 1, preferably by April 15.

The Feedout gives cow-calf raisers a chance to learn the strengths of their breeding and management program.  Knowledge gained from seeing how their steers perform in the feedlot and on the rail can be used to make future marketing decisions.

Since the average Missouri beef cow operation only runs about 40 cows, the Feedout only required 5 steers to be entered.  There is no upper limit, but the greater the numbers, the better the accuracy of the evaluation of the breeding program.  The gain, feed-to-gain and carcass results will allow you to compare how your steers stack up against other Missouri cattle.

Participants in past Steer Feedouts have been surprised when the program concludes how much difference there is between steers out of the same bull and same management perform.  Larger herds often enter sire groups of 4 or 6 steers per sire.

The entry fee of $20 per steer is payable on May 10.  No other charges are necessary until all steers have been killed.  The feed and other expenses will be deducted from the proceeds of the carcass sale.  Another perk of the Feedout is the opportunity to receive a $400 per head cash advance once the cattle are processed in Iowa.  The advance is only given when ten or more head are entered by the participant. 

Eldon Cole, University of Missouri Extension field specialist in livestock at Mt. Vernon works with the Feedout. He says retaining ownership of cattle until slaughter is a risk and he won’t guarantee you’ll make money.  He will guarantee you’ll learn a lot about whether you have cattle that deserve a premium from an order buyer.

Normally, the cattle are loaded at Joplin Regional Stockyards, Carthage and Paris Veterinary Clinic, Paris.  Other loadouts will be arranged based on entries by May 10.

For additional information contact the Extension livestock specialist near you or Cole at 417-466-3102.

Writer: Eldon Cole

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