Show-Me-Select Bred Heifers To Sell

  • Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mt. Vernon, MO –  The Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer Sale in southwest Missouri will be held May 21 at Joplin Regional Stockyards near Carthage.  The offering consists of 250, bred heifers due to calve from late August to November 30. 

Consignors are from the southwest corner of the state and their heifers have been developed primarily on fescue.  The sale has 15 different sellers ranging from 5 herds that have participated in more than 20 sales.  At the other extreme three firms will be in their first sale.  The bulk of the heifers are Hereford, Angus and Red Angus crosses.  There are a few crosses of Gelbvieh, Beefmaster and Sim Angus.  Most of the heifers are crossbreds which provides them with hybrid vigor.  Research consistently shows crossbred females have longevity and provides the equivalent of one extra calf in their lives compared to a purebred cow.

The Show-Me-Select program was developed in the late 90’s in an effort to educate Missouri beef cow herd owners and others how reproduction can be enhanced through the use of technology.  Examples of such tech-help is the use of ultrasound in pregnancy testing, heat synchronization, genomic evaluation, body condition scoring, early preg testing, pelvic measuring to name a few.

Since then, many veterinarians and University of Missouri extension specialists have helped cattle producers improve their herd’s performance.  One of the popular sidelights of the program is the sale of bred heifers at several locations around the state each spring and fall.

Average to small beef cow operators have herds of 50 cows or fewer and may not be able to justify keeping their own heifers for replacements.  Many now source their replacements from the SMS sales.  This practice allows them to introduce genetics more quickly than raising their own.

Besides the Carthage sale, the other locations are:  May 7, Fruitland; May 14, Farmington; May 15, Kingsville; May 21, Vienna; June 5, Palmyra.  For catalogs and more details you may visit:  

Writer: Eldon Cole

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