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  • Published: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020
2020 cattle herd record Red Book

Mt. Vernon, MO – The popular beef cattle herd record Red Books are now available at University of Missouri Extension Centers. They are shirt-pocket sized with a wealth of information in them such as a gestation table, death loss codes, calving ease score, body condition score system, Beef Quality Assurance practices, cow herd inventory, calf weaning record for over 400-cow herds and much more.

Most of the Red Book users gather field data then transfer it to a computer program or a three-ring binder.

The book was developed in the mid-80's at the University of Idaho in conjunction with the National Integrated Resource Management Committee. Sponsors this year in Missouri are Extension and the Missouri Show-Me-Select Beef Replacement Heifer program.

The cost is six dollars, plus postage, through the Lawrence County Extnesion Center, 417-466-3102 or you may contact your Extension field specialist in livestock or your local University of MIssouri Extension office to see if they have them available.

Writer: Eldon Cole

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