Palmyra Show-Me-Select sale brings average of $2,259 per head

  • Published: Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021

PALMYRA, Mo. – In the last Show-Me-Select fall sale, replacement heifers brought an average price of $2,259 on 247 consigned head.

The heifers, bred to calve next spring, came from herd owners enrolled in the University of Missouri’s Show-Me-Select heifer development program. The heifers have improved genetics and management.

Top prices of $3,050 at the Palmyra sale on Dec. 11 went to consignor Twin Hill Stock Farm, Silex, Mo. Other top consignors were McCutchan Angus of Monticello, Keithley/Jackson of Frankford and Connor Eckman of Paris.

The spring-calving heifers sold at F&T Livestock Market with MU Extension livestock specialist Daniel Mallory as the sale coordinator. “Another amazing year,” said Mallory. “Reputation sellers and repeat buyers make for a good combination.”

“Repeat buyers set the pace for bidding,” Mallory added. Many heifers sold to Illinois. The sale totals topped a half million dollars, topping all six SMS sales this season.

The sales, which have run for more than 25 years, built a reputation for quality, he said. Initially, the top SMS attraction was calving ease. In time, other improved genetic traits were added. A catalog handed out on sale day gives genetic data and background.

The Dec. 10 SMS sale at Farmington Regional Stockyards saw an average price of $1,964 for the 82 heifers. The top heifer brought $3,100. MU Extension livestock specialist Kendra Graham is the sale coordinator.

“Buyer turnout was low due to the threat of severe storms Friday evening, but bidding activity was hot in person and online,” said Graham. “Heifer quality was top-notch and repeat buyers capitalized on that value.”

The Farmington sale also had the pleasure of selling a heifer to the winner of the $1,500 Show-Me-Select sale credit through the Missouri Cattleman’s Association. “It is great to have a new member start out with a high-quality animal,” said Graham. Beth Bangert of Wayne County purchased a registered Angus heifer from Turner Farms of Belgrade.

Success in improved calving ease helped build the sale quality. Assistance at calving has been cut through the program, says Erin Larimore, Show-Me-Select database coordinator.

In addition, those bred by timed artificial insemination, all on one day, offer short calving seasons and uniform calf crops. Buyers prefer uniform lots of calves.

Heifers are pregnancy-checked twice, often by ultrasound. All are guaranteed to be pregnant.

Graders from the Missouri Department of Agriculture check all heifers on arrival for requirements and condition. They reject heifers that do not meet standards.

Herd owners wanting to improve quality beef in their herd can sign up through their regional MU Extension livestock specialist.

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