MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic receiving more disease samples as rain continues

  • Published: Monday, June 28, 2021

COLUMBIA, Mo. – For plants, extended wet weather is like cold and flu season is for humans. 

Luckily, the plant doctor is in. The University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic can help with diagnoses and treatment recommendations, says clinic director Peng Tian.

Tian says row crops are showing root rot diseases, and the fungal disease anthracnose in shade trees and shrubs has appeared often in recent samples. As rains continue, farmers and gardeners likely will see more diseases, he says.

Samples can be mailed to the clinic on the MU campus or dropped off in person. Visit for details. You also may email photos of your plants to [email protected]. Tian recommends sending photos of the plants close up and from a short distance, and taking photos of both sides of the leaves.

Tian presents a video overview of submitting samples to the clinic at

Writer: Linda Geist

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