MU Extension offers alerts for key insect pests

  • Published: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri’s Pest Monitoring Network offers free text alerts to notify farmers when insects are active in specific locations, says MU Extension entomologist Kevin Rice.

The six key insects currently affecting agricultural crops are Japanese beetle, brown marmorated stink bug, black cutworm, corn earworm, fall armyworm and true armyworm.

In late May, specialists trapped corn earworm in southeastern Missouri and fall armyworm in northwestern Missouri, says Rice.

Corn earworm moths usually start to appear in April. They produce multiple generations throughout the growing season. Larvae typically feed at the tip of the corn ears. Presence of the moths indicates that fields in the region should be scouted for corn earworm, but the moths’ presence doesn’t necessarily mean that the field needs treatment, he says.

Fall armyworm moths usually migrate north to Missouri in late May. “Late-planted corn is more attractive to fall armyworm moths therefore,” says Rice.

To subscribe to alerts on any or all listed insects, visit or email [email protected]

Learn more about these insects and MU’s pest monitoring network at

Photo available for this release:
Missouri farmers can subscribe to text alerts about Japanese beetles and five other key agricultural insect pests. Photo by Jessi Dodge, MU Extension.

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