Lawn Art With Neighbors strengthens social bonds through art, April 23-May 8, Springfield

  • Published: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Along with the invigorating energy of Spring, Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) is popping up near you from April 23 to May 8 with front lawn art created by your neighbors in and around Springfield, Mo.

In 2020, LAWN included 65 lawn art projects created by over 100 community members. Viewers can expect to see as many or more pop-up art projects spread across neighborhoods this year. 

LAWN was established in April 2020 as a response to COVID-19. The goal then was to create an effort to encourage artmaking and viewing as a form of bolstering mental health and community building during stay-at-home orders.

In 2021, LAWN thrives as a public art opportunity open to all community members and art forms. LAWN exhibitions include sculptures, paintings, installations, video projections, podcasts, social practice projects, and more.

In 2021 LAWN brings a whole new array of front yard projects and some recurring sites located in and around Springfield.

April Stublefield, a stay-at-home mom of two who enjoys adding creative projects to her family routine, will participate for the second time this year.

“My son was 18 months old and just beginning to explore outside when LAWN 2020 was advertised. In response to his enthusiasm and the strangeness of social isolation, I found myself wanting to celebrate our local natural landscape for bringing us so much joy,” said Stublefield.

Jordan Seyer is a Springfield-based painter whose work plays into abstract expressionism on a large scale.

“I enjoyed the experience and the energy that went into making my LAWN display! Not knowing who else was participating or what they were making was interesting, and it drove me to make my work as fun as I possibly could to match any energy other artists were putting out,” said Seyer.

LAWN was founded and organized by Deidre Argyle, Jodi McCoy and Shauna Smith. Current sponsors are Sculpture Walk Springfield, Springfield Art Museum, Missouri State University: Art + Design Department and University of Missouri Extension in Greene County.

“The reason MU Extension got involved is that we saw the value in art for the community, by the community and the way this program is strengthening social bonds through art,” said David Burton, county engagement specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “LAWN also fit perfectly with our engaged neighbor program.”

Take a stroll, bike ride, or cruise and enjoy artwork brought to you by your neighbors April 23 - May 8.  The LAWN site map and viewing suggestions to locate the artworks nearest you are online at

Writer: David Burton

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