Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) displays community art in Greene County through May 8

  • Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Exhibits in the third annual Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) community arts program have popped up in Greene County and will be displayed April 23 - May 8, 2022.

This year's "museum without walls" has addresses for 32 displays, including a couple of neighborhood art projects.

Information about the exhibit, including a digital map of the displays, can be found at

LAWN thrives as a public art opportunity open to all community members and art forms. LAWN exhibitions include sculptures, paintings, installations, video projections, podcasts and social practice projects.

David Burton, a county engagement specialist with University of Missouri Extension, says LAWN fits with the local engaged neighbor program's goal of developing leaders, starting with strong neighbor relationships.

"There is a unique value to art created for the community, by the community, as a way to strengthen social bonds with neighbors through art," said Burton.


Burton said he began working on his LAWN exhibit in October of 2021. His "Welcome to My Colorful Neighborhood" sculpture features signed spin art from over 40 neighbors. The art has been attached to cedar picket fence panels as a visual representation of a neighborhood. Visually, we see that every person is uniquely created with this project, but we are joined together in a neighborhood. We are stronger when working together, and I would say prettier too," said Burton. "We live in a culture where we are always in a hurry, and we hide behind phones and garage doors that cause us to avoid neighborly interaction. It is hard to love your neighbor if you do not see your neighbor."

Some of the art exhibits have been made by children. Four youth on Fremont in Springfield created the F.A.M. (Fremont Art Museum) based on the idea of a Little Free Library. During LAWN they are exhibiting reptiles in F.A.M. to showcase recent model magic clay sculptures, a papercraft habitat and found objects from the yard.

Kallen and Dakota Jones created a bee themed exhibit. Bee Kind is a sculpture and installation that conveys the simple and positive message of kindness (not to mention a fun pun). The installation features a bee hive sculpture with small and large bees "flying around" with large flowers and streamers.

Janelle Patterson’s exhibit is titled “Paint Your Work in Wonder” and is dedicated to the students, parents, teachers and school personnel who drive and walk past our houses each day. Patterson writes, “The bright and whimsical imagery and composition of our piece this year is a hopeful reminder that each day they hold the brush of decisions for their lives. We love the challenge of using that brush to follow curiosity and ingenuity toward a life of adventure, innovation, and exploration of our world.”


LAWN was founded and organized by Deidre Argyle, Jodi McCoy, and Shauna Smith in 2020. Current sponsors are Sculpture Walk Springfield, Springfield Art Museum, Missouri State University: Art + Design Department and University of Missouri Extension.

In 2020, LAWN was launched and included 65 lawn art projects created by over 100 community members. During 2021, LAWN had nearly 75 participating lawn art projects in Springfield.

LAWN was established in April 2020 as a response to COVID-19. The goal then was to create an effort to encourage artmaking and viewing as a form of bolstering mental health and community building during stay-at-home orders.

Learn more at or @LAWNSGF in Facebook and @l.a.w.n.sgf on Instagram. For questions about this event, email [email protected]

Photos of some displays from this year can be accessed via this links:

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