Get Out and See 4th Annual Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) Showcase in Springfield area, April 22 – May 7

  • Published: Saturday, April 22, 2023

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield’s original public art exhibition, Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN), kicked off on April 22 and this year we have 20 participating addresses.

In its fourth year, LAWN has also grown to include Raleigh, North Carolina with other cities nationwide also inquiring about the program.

LAWN is a public art opportunity accessible to all community members and all art forms.

Yard art that is being exhibited during the 2023 version of LAWN will be visible from April 22 to May 7.

Freely accessible public art exhibits like LAWN add meaning to our unique communities, humanize the built environment and invigorate public spaces.

A map of where to find exhibits is available online at


Jay Howard, a senior instructor in communication at Missouri State University, is working on a display to be located on West Madison Street in Springfield.

His project is called “Front Porch Yarn Bomb.”

“I'm a fiber artist. I mostly make crocheted blankets. The art of yarn bombing is when you cover an object or structure with decorative knitted or crocheted material. Think cars, trees, or even whole buildings,” said Howard.

Howard has been working all winter to crochet enough for his exhibit.

Lindsay Tobin is a first-year participant in LAWN and her piece will be displayed on South Jefferson in the University Heights Neighborhood in Springfield.

“Our family chose to participate because this is a great opportunity to connect to the Springfield community through art,” said Tobin.

Tobin says her family loves to decorate for Halloween and Christmas and hopes to make LAWN a new tradition for spring!

David Burton lives in Republic and is part of three different exhibits. One is a neighborhood mural painted by neighbors at the corner of Kentwood and Bailey, and the other two are turquoise tables, one of which is located in Owen Park.

“I enjoy doing these yard art projects and involving my neighbors in the work,” said Burton. “All three exhibits will actually be up all year. The mural reminds us to keep our neighborhood clean, safe, and friendly. Turquoise is the international color of hospitality. So these tables remind us to pause for a while and visit with our neighbors.”

Casaundra Beard of Rogersville is a first-time participant. Her front yard creation is called “Through a Child’s Eye.”

“This piece was inspired by my children’s carefree approach to life. They take time to enjoy the little things and always have a positive outlook. By creating this colorful front yard path, I hope others will take the time to approach life as a child, even for a moment. Pause and enjoy the little things while seeing the world through a brighter more positive view,” said Beard.


LAWN was established in April 2020 as a response to Covid-19. The goal was to create an effort to encourage artmaking and viewing as a form of bolstering mental health and community building during stay-at-home orders.

Past LAWN exhibitions have included sculptures, paintings, installations, video projections, carvings, social practice projects, and more.

LAWN is sponsored by Sculpture Walk Springfield, Springfield Art Museum, Missouri State University: Art + Design Department and University of Missouri Extension (Greene County).

The LAWN site map and viewing suggestions to locate the artworks nearest you is online at



PHOTOS: Photos from LAWN displays put up in 2023 can be downloaded at


Writer: David Burton

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