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MU Extension's Canvas Orientation

This page was created to help you engage in professional and personal online courses from the convenience of your home, office, or mobile devices. You can learn anytime, anywhere! If you have never taken an online course, or if you just need more information about Canvas, we encourage you to view these short tutorials to familiarize yourself with your course environment. These videos will ensure a positive online learning experience. Don’t have time for them all at once? We highly recommend you view the first two videos from the series now.

How to Navigate the Course Environment

The Canvas course environment organizes all your learning materials. This short, three-minute video tutorial will show you how to find your way around your course and access all course activities and resources.

Introduction to the Canvas Dashboard

Don't let technology stand in the way of a great learning experience! Understanding what you can do and view from your Canvas Dashboard will make your online learning experience more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. If you are enrolled in a course and new to online learning, watch this two-minute tutorial for an introduction to your Canvas dashboard.

How to Upload your Canvas Profile Picture

Give your profile some personality. This tutorial shows you how to add your profile picture. You'll also learn how to adjust your Canvas account Feature Options to customize your online learning experience. It will take less than two minutes to watch!

Canvas Notification Preferences

Avoid email overload by watching this video! Imagine receiving an email every time a student makes a comment in your course discussion board or receiving an immediate notification every time there is any course activity. Instead, you can opt for a daily or weekly summary notification. In less than two minutes, this tutorial will explain how to customize your notifications.

Additional Resources

For additional questions, please contact Canvas Support. You can also access the Canvas Student Guide for all things Canvas.