Non-tenure track promotion


Aug. 1 — Candidate requests SharePoint site; SharePoint site opens
Oct. 1 - Candidate submits dossier to supervisor, SharePoint site is closed to candidate.
Nov. 1 — Supervisor (i.e., regional director/continuing education director) recommendations submitted; electronic and paper dossiers submitted by supervisor to promotion committee.  SharePoint site is closed to supervisors.
Dec. 1 —  Program directors recommendations submitted and SharePoint site closed.
Jan. 15 — Promotion committee recommendations submitted to Vice Provost
June 1 — Vice Provost submits recommendations to Provost
Aug 1 — Provost makes promotion decisions
Sept. 1 — Appointment begins

*The deadline for each date is intended to be midnight the day prior to the stated date. For example: Nov. 1 materials need to be submitted by midnight Oct. 31.

The voluntary NTT promotion policy is for full-time, non-regular faculty members within MU Extension. This process applies to regional faculty members and to campus faculty members in an academic unit that does not have an NTT process. Extension faculty members may apply for one of three ranked positions: assistant extension professional, associate extension professional or extension professional.

For faculty members who elect to participate, the NTT promotion system provides a mechanism to recognize extension scholarship and professional growth. Regional and campus faculty members who plan to apply for the next round should discuss their plans with their supervisors as they build their performance expectations.

The next round of applications is due to supervisors by Oct. 1.

Background information
Call letter from MU Provost  Review of Ranked Non-Tenure Track (formerly called Non-Regular) Faculty Promotions (PDF)

Dossier workshops

Non-Tenure Track dossier training workshops are for anyone preparing dossiers or who will be writing evaluation letters for candidates. Individuals planning to submit a dossier for promotion in the fall are strongly encouraged to attend or watch recordings of the workshops. The workshops are be presented via Adobe Connect and recorded for those who cannot attend; register through the ISE system to attend.

Recordings of past NTT dossier workshops

5/12/14 - NTT: Preparing Your Dossier | Slide presentation (PPT)
8/5/2014 - NTT: Dossier Synopsis | Slide presentation (PPT)

5/28/13 - #1 Key Points for Putting Your Packet Together | Slide presentation (PPT)
10/01/13 - #2 Last Minute Tips with Questions and Answers | Slide presentation (PPT)

6/19/12 - #1 2012 Guidelines Update (video, 47:52) | Slide presentation (PPT)
9/20/12 - #2 NTT Dossier workshop – Question and Answer (video, 56:47) | Slide Presentation (PPT)

6/30/11 - #1 Getting started: The application packet and changes in 2011 (video, 1:37:42)
7/28/11 - #2 Summary of Accomplishments: Transfer of Knowledge (video, 1:01:29) | Slide presentation (PPT)
8/30/11 - #3 Summary of Accomplishments: Program Impact (video, 0:59:54)  | Slide presentation (PPT)
9/15/11 - #4 Summary of Accomplishments: Innovation (video, 1:22:12) | Slide presentation (PPT)
9/29/11 - #5 Teaching philosophy and narrative (video, 1:23:14) | Slide presentation 1 (PPT) | Slide presentation 2 (PDF)
10/6/11 - #6 External Reviewers/Peer Evaluations (video, 1:02:46) | Slide presentation (PPT)
10/27/11 - #7 Promotion Dossier Checklist (video, 33:59) | Promotion Dossier Checklist (PDF)

NTT promotion policy and guidelines
Resources and tools

Preparing promotion dossiers
Frequently asked questions

Extension NTT promotion committee

The committee is comprised of a representative from each of the five program areas, continuing education and campus tenure track. The committee chair is selected by committee members and serves as chair for one-year. Committee members are determined by election within their area for a two- or three-year term.

Chair, Johanna Reed Adams, Community Leadership Development State Specialist, Ag Ext-Social Sciences (Non-tenure track) (2012-8/2015)
Steve Ball, Associate Professor, Human Environmental Sciences (Tenure track at-large) (2013-8/2016)
Kathy Bondy, 4-H Youth Specialist (4-H Youth Development) (2012-8/2015)
Kathy Dothage, Human Development Specialist (Human Environmental Sciences) (2013-8/2016)
Bev Maltsberger, Community Development Specialist, (Community Development) (2012-8/2015)
Mary Sobba, Agriculture Business Specialist (Agriculture an Natural Resources) (2013-8/2016)
Chris Thompson, Business Development Specialist (Business Development) (2013-8/2016)