Workforce Recruitment and Retention in Rural Missouri: Session 2 - Developing strategies to effectively retain your workforce

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About this series:
In spite of the current economic challenges, attracting and retaining workers remains on ongoing concern for many businesses, particularly those located in more rural locations. This three-part series will encourage private and public sector leaders to think more strategically about how they can recruit and retain workers within their businesses, or the community at large. Drs. Mark White and Robert Russell from MU Extension’s Labor and Workforce Development Program will develop and deliver this series of online sessions.

Session 2: Developing strategies to effectively retain your workforce
The second session will introduce participants to the Workforce Matchmaking program. This program is designed to help businesses improve their recruitment and retention strategies through an assessment of their current workforce. Notably this program will:

  • Explore the cost of employee turnover on your business;
  • Ask businesses to evaluate their workforce, with emphasis placed on the characteristics of their best performers;
  • Identify your capabilities to train and develop your employees; and
  • Recognize and maneuver in the current competitive environment for talent

Through this program, we provide a model for employers to use that helps to develop a matchmaking system focused on their workforce and the particular skills needed for successful, long-term workers.

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