Woodland Steward Webinars: White Oak, Whiskey and Wine


All sessions start at 7:00pm and run until 8:30pm

4/20 – White Oak & Wine: Learn the difference between barrels made of French vs American white oak and how toasting influences flavor profiles. 

4/27 – White Oak & Whiskey: Learn how the level of charring impacts the red layer behind the char. Plus we’ll explore some of the nuanced definitions of whiskeys and bourbons.

5/4 – From Stump to Barrel: After this evening you will be able to tell your croze from your chime. 

5/11 – The White Oak Initiative: Learn why there won’t be any barrels in the Year 2100 and what is being done to address the issue today! 

Cost: $30

Contact: Sarah Havens, [email protected], 573-458-6260 

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