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“Taking Care of You” is a multi-session program offering practical strategies and experiences to help you deal with the stress in your life. Managing life’s challenges in a healthy way allows you to take better care of yourself and your overall health. 

Each week you will explore topics through small group discussion, self-reflection and activities. 

You will consider ways to: 

  • Take better care of all aspects of your health — body, mind and spirit 
  • Become more aware of your mind-body connection and how to use this awareness for better health 
  • Respond versus react to the stress in your life 
  • Discover opportunities in life’s challenges 
  • Develop habits that can lead to a healthier you 
  • Find ways to bring more joy into your life 
  • Simplify your life 
  • Live more in the moment

Cost: $40

Registration required. A minimum of 6 registrants is required to hold the program. Registrants will be notified if the program is cancelled by Friday, November 10th. 

Please register online. With questions, please contact the Phelps County Extension Office at 573-458-6260.

Sessions (9:30 AM - 11:30 AM)

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