Strength In Numbers - Northeast Missouri 2021


Strength in Numbers puts those interpersonal processes to work to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. Coordinating with other activities already in your schedule — such as service clubs or faith-based groups — we provide virtual health lessons once a month to help you set and meet your goals. Members of your group become each other's “health family,” offering suggestions, support and just plain encouragement as you strive to achieve those health goals you’ve been considering.

Registration instructions:
Call or come in to your local county Extension Office and complete registration information for your group.

Sessions: (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm)

  • 1/19/2021
  • 2/16/2021
  • 3/16/2021
  • 4/20/2021
  • 5/18/2021
  • 6/15/2021
  •  7/20/2021
  •  8/17/2021
  • 9/21/2021
  • 10/19/2021
  • 11/16/2021
  • 12/21/2021

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